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The Yama Cold Drip Tower - Recipe and Brew Guide

This expensive, cold coffee maker takes up some serious real estate in the kitchen, but produces iced coffee that can't be beat for clarity.  

How to Make French Press Coffee

We're returning to a classic with a new recipe that focuses on a very sweet and clean cup of coffee. Learn how to make an easy and exceptional cup with our French Press Brew Guide!

How to Make Iced Coffee with the Hario Switch | Hybrid Flash Chill

In this recipe, we use the Hario Switch's unique capabilities to create an iced coffee with refreshing acidity and character that also boasts delicious sweetness.

Indian Rose Gin Zinger

Using Firepot's Indian Rose Garden Tea, we've crafted a simple syrup for our spring and summer seasonal drinks and are sharing the recipe here as a key ingredient for our Indian Rose Gin Zinger. Read on for an easy, refreshing, floral cocktail that will lift your spirits through summer.

Cinnamon Spiced Hot Toddy Recipe

Our Cinnamon Cardamom Hot Toddy is built for balance and an evening of relaxed sipping. We start with Firepot's Soul Revival, a turmeric chai created by spicing black tea from Assam, India, to honor the toddy's origin.

How to Brew with a Siphon Coffee Maker

First and foremost, the siphon coffee maker is a visually stunning and mentally serene way to brew your coffee.  Seco...

Brown Sugar Rosemary Old Fashioned

With the simple syrup we create in our very own cafes for the Brown Sugar Rosemary latte on the stove, your house will fill with the scent of rosemary and caramelized sugars as you prepare this simply delicious cocktail.

Cafelat Robot: Declining Pressure Espresso Recipe

In this espresso recipe, we use the Cafelat Robot's ability to change pressure to create a shot that has a bit more clarity and acidity than a traditional 9-bar shot.

Brown Sugar Rosemary Simple Syrup Recipe

Our Brown Sugar Rosemary Simple Syrup is used in one of our most popular seasonal drinks. Learn how to make the simple syrup in this very simple recipe!

Hario Switch Pour Over Recipe | Same Great Clarity, More Sweetness

After hundreds of brews, we've landed on this recipe for the Hario Switch as one that gives you consistency, extra sweetness, and the great clarity the V60 is known for.

The Phantasm Fashioned: A Spooky Take on the Old Fashioned

For all the eerie evenings of early fall, we created a seasonal twist on our Cold Fashioned using 'Tis the Spooky Season blend and added an element of danger. 

The V60 | User Experience, A Very Deep Dive, and a Brew Guide

Rob lays out everything he's experienced and knows about the classic V60 coffee brewer in this *very* extensive guide. Learn about materials, alternatives, and filter controversies, plus get his tried and true brew guide!
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