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Blend Buying Guide

Coffee blends are designed to be as consistent as they are delicious. Due to harvest schedules and crop freshness, the components of blends change throughout the year, but the Kaldi’s Coffee roasting team uses its expertise to craft blends that taste very similar in your cup, regardless of whether you’re drinking them in January or June (check out more about how we source coffee on our Coffee Sourcing page).  

Our coffee blends are also designed to appeal to the wide range of tastes in the specialty coffee world. We offer several roasts, ranging from lighter to more developed, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. So, we’ve prepared a general buying guide of our blends, putting them in order from our lightest roasts to our darkest. Happy tasting, and happy exploring!

Grid Showing Roast Levels for Kaldi's Coffee Blends. Light to Darkest: Breakfast, Haya, Cafe Kaldi, 700, FTO Birds and Bees, FTO Natural High, French Roast, Cafe Malta

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Terminology key:

Development: How long the coffee is roasted for in certain stages of the roasting process. Less development leaves more acidity, more development caramelizes sugars in a deeper way and leaves less acidity, or none at all. 

Sweetness: Coffee has natural sugars in it that caramelize as a coffee roasts. It can be described as simple sugars to caramel to dark chocolate.

Acidity: This is just another way to describe the “brighter” flavors in a coffee. If you see tasting notes on our bag listing apples, citrus fruits, or grapes, that’s the natural acidity in the coffee and it’s what gives a coffee a lot of its character. We find it delicious!

Balance: If we had to sum up our roasting philosophy in one word, it would be “balance”. A balanced cup is one that is not so overly acidic that it leaves out a coffee’s natural sweetness, and is not so deeply developed that it removes all of its character. We like to use Cafe Kaldi as a great example of what balance can mean. 

Bags of Kaldi's Coffee Blends on a Crisp Fall Day


Less Development / Lighter Roasts 

Breakfast - (view coffee)

Our Breakfast Blend is a lighter roasted blend designed to maintain sweetness while being acidity-forward. If you like a coffee that's warm and inviting while still having a little fruit-forward pop, this is your blend. Look for a milk chocolate finish. 

Haya - (view coffee)

Haya is a blend of Ethiopian and Latin American coffees. We formulated Haya to be brewed as cold brew because its components yield the deep chocolatey notes you’re used to while having a delicate, floral overtone from the Ethiopian component. We believe this sets it apart from other cold brew offerings and yields an extra layer of refreshment to your cold beverage. But it works just as wonderfully as drip coffee, and chances are you’ll find a new favorite whatever way you make it. 

Cafe Kaldi - (view coffee)

Our house blend since we opened up our doors in 1994 and started roasting in our DeMun location. It is a blend of two roasts - one more developed to bring out deep sweetness, the other less to add complexity - that results in a perfectly balanced cup. 


Medium Development / Sweeter Coffees 

700 - (view coffee)

A coffee with a caramel sweetness, smooth body, and dark chocolate finish that tastes great as both drip coffee and espresso. A staple for the home and for the espresso bar, and the perfect everyday coffee for any coffee lover.  

Fair Trade Organic Birds & Bees - (view coffee)

A medium roast of our certified Fair Trade Organic coffee, this blend features an approachable acidity and a balanced sweetness. Perfect for any occasion. 

Half Caff Kaldi - (view coffee)

The perfect coffee for the late afternoon or all day sipping. Modeled after our house blend, it's made up of 50% Swiss Water Decaf Cafe Kaldi and 50% regular. The result is a perfectly balanced cup with exceptional sweetness atop a deep chocolatey base. And just the right amount of caffeine. 


Longer Development / Darker Roasts

Fair Trade Organic Natural High - (view coffee)

Sourced to always be a blend of Fair Trade and Organic coffees, our FTO Natural High is one coffee roasted two ways and blended to showcase a deep, chocolatey sweetness while leaving a subtle, crisp acidity. 

French Roast and Fair Trade Organic French Roast - (view coffee)

A crowd-favorite, we carefully develop this coffee until almost all essential oils rise to the surface. The result is a darker roast that features a warm and inviting sweetness, reminiscent of caramel and dark chocolate with almost no acidity. 

Malta - (view coffee)

One of our most developed blends and perfect for the lover of deep, rich notes. Roasted dark and slow as a tribute to coffee's heritage in Southern Italy, this blend's full body and bittersweet chocolate flavors taste great as both drip coffee and espresso.



Still not sure what to buy? 

Our Blend Sampler Box offers 4oz bags of Haya, Cafe Kaldi, and 700 so you can see what’s right for you. 

3 4oz Bags of Kaldi's Coffee Blends. Haya, 700, and Cafe Kaldi, available in our Blend Sampler Box




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