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It’s no secret that good coffee fails without great brewing methods. There are a few basics that all good brewing methods must possess:

  1. Brewing Water Temperature: 195-205 F
  2. Clean, filtered Water
  3. Proper steep time for the grind setting: Coarse Grind = long brew time, Fine Grind = short brew time
  4. Proper Coffee to Water Ratio: 1 gram of coffee for every 16 ml (or g) of water
  5. A consistent grind particle size: Use a burr grinder if possible
  6. Coffee that is not too far off-roast
French Press Brewing Tutorial (Youtube)
Our technique adds a little bit of time to the recipe and a slightly finer grind than has been recommended in the past. But, when paired with small additions to the recipe and some patience, the result is a clean, very sweet, full-bodied cup of coffee.
The Aeropress: How to Make Clean, Sweet Coffee + Deep Dive
Learn all about what has made a funky brewer like the Aeropress a modern coffee brewing classic, and get our thoroughly tested recipe that results in a clean, sweet cup!
The Kalita Wave 155: User Experience and a Brew Guide
Rob talks about his favorite brewer - the Kalita Wave 155 -  and gives tips, tricks, and his recipe after many years of happy brewing.
The V60: A Very Deep Dive and a Brew Guide
Rob lays out everything he's experienced and knows about the classic V60 coffee brewer in this *very* extensive guide. Learn about materials, alternatives, and filter controversies, plus get his tried and true brew guide!
How to Make French Press Coffee
The French Press is a simple and classic way to brew coffee. Done correctly, it can appeal to both beginners of home brewing and seasoned professionals alike.
Kalita Wave 185 for Beginners: Making the Switch from Auto
There are many reasons to make the switch from an automatic coffee brewer to a pour over device, and we think the Kalita Wave 185 is the introductory brewer. Get a primer and our easy to learn brew method here!
Brewing on the Flair Pro 2 (Youtube)
In this video, Maud shows you how the Flair Pro 2 works and gives a few pointers for making the best shot. 
Chemex Brewing Tutorial (Youtube)
Kiersten shows you our Chemex recipe that's perfect for two. 
Iced Clever Dripper Recipe + Video
The Clever Dripper is one of the easiest pour over methods to learn and use everyday, and can also make a fantastic iced coffee beverage. Get our method here. 
Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Maker Brewing Guide
One of our favorite traditional cold brewers, the Hario Mizudashi is convenient and makes delicious cold brew coffee. We include methods for both light and dark roasted coffees. 


Brewing At Home Guide
Here’s our tips for how to get the best possible cup, no matter who you are and what equipment you have. We have it broken down for every level of coffee knowledge and expertise.
The Art of Pour Over
Pour over coffee can be an art and a science. In the end, it's about enjoying the ride and the resulting cup. Read about the brewing rabbit hole and see some of the latest methods for getting that last bit of deliciousness from your pour over.
Why Do We Brew with the Chemex and Kalita Wave?
Learn about the Kalita 185 and Chemex and get insight into how these pour over brewers work, what makes them special, and why we choose them at our coffee shops.
Cold Brew Blog Series
A one-stop shop for all of our Cold Brew Coffee content, including "5 Things You Should Know" and a brew-off between four popular cold brew makers. 
4 Ways to Change Your Coffee Habits: Your Coffee
We finish off our series for switching up your coffee habits by talking about new roasts and different levels of caffeine in coffee. Get some ideas for switching up your routine!
4 Ways to Change Your Coffee Habits: Your Gear
Our specialty is specialty coffee, so we're here to give you some options to refresh your coffee routine for a new year. Learn about brewing with some new gear and get tips on weighing your beans!
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