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Kaldi's Relationship Coffee

Relationship Coffees

Kaldiʼs Relationship Coffees offer consumers the opportunity to take a proactive and global approach to their coffee purchasing decisions. Building on the success and wisdom of Fair Trade Certified, Kaldiʼs Relationship Coffees provide even greater transparency into the otherwise complex coffee transaction chain - from coffee grower to coffee lover.

Our philosophy is that premium-priced coffees should taste premium. With Kaldiʼs Relationship Coffees, we select with our palates, ensure that our farmer friends are rewarded for their efforts, and that the coffee is grown in a sustainable, ecologically sound manner.

  • The goals of Kaldiʼs Relationship Coffees are:
    • Kaldiʼs is committed to helping quality-oriented farmers by promoting their finest coffees to customers in the Midwest and throughout the United States. This is the foundation of sustainability.
    • Full support of a farmer is not only buying a small amount of bags of their highest scoring lots. It is also working with the farmer on quality needs and expectations and committing to buying their bulk lots. Ideally, this is done year after year, which gives the farmer much needed predictability and financial assurance. 
    • Kaldiʼs coffee buyers are committed to working with partners at origin and improving the lives of coffee farmers. We need the support of quality-minded consumers like you to make this possible.
    • Kaldiʼs seeks clear, honest, and mutually beneficial relationships with farmers and importers through regular contact. This direct communication establishes our quality expectations and makes us sensitive to the economic challenges facing coffee growing families. It also ensures a feedback loop that will help the quality of coffee, and thus the payouts for it, improve year over year. 
    • Kaldi’s Relationship Coffees will always be purchased "green" for at least 15% above Fair Trade minimum price.
    • Kaldiʼs seeks relationships with farmers whose agricultural practices preserve the soil and protect the insects, birds, and wildlife that inhabit the ecosystem. Such practices include Certified Organic and Bird-Friendly approaches to coffee cultivation.
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