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Roastery Tour and Cupping Sign up

Andrew cupping coffee in the Cupping Room

Thank you for your interest in signing up for our public cupping! 


Cupping is the industry term used to describe a professional coffee-tasting. Using this method, coffee is evaluated all around the world. We use this tool many times a week to select our coffees, train the palates of our staff, and determine the flavor notes that we put on our bags.


During our public cuppings, our roasting team will have several coffees on the table, ranging from our core blends to our latest single origins. After a bit of an explainer, they will pour water into the cupping bowls to begin the brewing process, and then instruct you step by step on how to cup coffee like a pro. Things like evaluating the aroma of the brewing coffee, breaking the crust, and tips for improving your taste perception will be discussed.

To sign up for a cupping and Roastery tour, just find your desired date and fill out a couple fields! Please note we have a max of 10 people per public cupping.


Our Roastery is located at:

Learn more about our Roastery and Coffee Cupping:

The Vintage Roaster Behind Your Beans


Coffee Cupping Education Page

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