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Indian Rose Gin Zinger

The first days of spring announce themselves gently, the warm sun teasing the promise of hot summer evenings as it glances against still-crisp mornings. Their arrival strikes us in moments of pure pleasure, vibrant and eye widening in verdant splendor.

To celebrate those first warm mornings and keep you cool during hot summer afternoons, we're turning to our garden and our sister company, Firepot Tea, for inspiration.

Indian Rose Gin Zinger with flowers and a bottle of Still 630 gin

Using Firepot's Indian Rose Garden botanical blend, we've crafted a caffeine-free simple syrup for use in our upcoming spring and summer seasonal drinks and are sharing the recipe here as a key ingredient for our Indian Rose Gin Zinger. Read on for an easy, refreshing, floral cocktail that will lift your spirits all summer.

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