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2 Minute Espresso Martini | Recipe & Guide

London, 1989

A heavy rain beats its dulled rhythm against the windows of The Fred, a club just blocks from Saint Paul's Cathedral. The sun has long faded, but the night is young, and the door swings open as a young model enters, rubbing the sleep and rain from her eyes. "Give me something that will wake me up and mess me up," she says to the bartender. The woman's identity is never confirmed. Some stories say Kate Moss, some say Naomi Campbell, but the bartender is known. Dick Bradsell, a legend of the 80's cocktail scene in London, knows just what to do. The Espresso Martini is born.

chocolate shavings sit on the foam of an espresso martini

Chocolatey, boozy, rich, and wired; the Espresso Martini is an indulgent drink, so long off limits to the home mixologist, due to the need for coffee equipment. We've taken the classic recipe and replaced espresso with our Cold Brew Concentrate to create an Espresso Martini that takes 2 minutes to make, start to finish. Let's get to the good stuff.


A bottle of Cold Brew Concentrate lies beside a cocktail shaker and glass
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