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How to Make Iced Coffee with the Hario Switch | Hybrid Flash Chill


Here, we are using the Hario Switch's unique capabilities to bring out a really lovely iced coffee beverage. The method is a hybrid of percolation and full immersion, resulting in a cup that still has refreshing acidity and character but also boasts delicious sweetness.

In our opinion, it's the perfect coffee experience for the warmer months.

YOUTUBE HOW TO: Be sure to watch our video guide at the bottom of the recipe, or click the thumbnail below to watch it now.

Hario Switch Hybrid Flash Chill Youtube Video Thumbnail

Recipe Key:

Open: The brewer is allowing coffee to escape the bottom
The brewer is locked and no coffee is allowed to escape the brewer.
Full immersion:
All coffee is in contact with water
Water is entering and exiting the coffee bed at the same time (standard pour over)
The proportion of coffee to water. In this case, we use a 1:10 ratio for hot brewing, but the ice dilutes it to ~1:16.

Iced Coffee / Flash Chill vs Cold Brew

This recipe should be considered a "Flash Chill" recipe and not "Cold Brew". The key difference is that we are brewing with hot water — between 200 and 210 Fahrenheit — and immediately cooling the coffee with ice underneath the brewer.

Finished iced coffee from the Hario Switch

This differs from a standard "cold brew" method that leaves coarsely ground coffee in contact with lukewarm water for up to 24 hours. 

Flash chill usually leaves more acidity and character while cold brew produces a more mellow and sweet cup. Both are cold and delightful in their own ways.

Learn more about Cold Brew Coffee:

5 Things to Know About Cold Brew Coffee


 Want to brew it AND drink it hot? 

See our full Hario Switch recipe + Youtube Short


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