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National Coffee Day: Protecting the Beverage We Love

Coffee is a global treasure that enriches countless lives. But its future, and the future of those who grow it, is increasingly endangered. For National Coffee Day, Kaldi's will be investing in a sustainable coffee future by donating 5% of all coffee sales to World Coffee Research. Specialty coffee touches more people every day. Its power to enthrall us seemingly has no limits, and the causes for its captivation of our attention are as plentiful as the people who drink it. For some it is its multiplicity of complex flavor possibilities. For others, it is its ancient power to sharpen the senses. For still others, it enlivens and enhances human connections. In many households and communities, it provides a near-spiritual...

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Field Report: Coffee Roaster’s Guild Retreat 2018

Kaldi’s recently sent three of our roasting team members to the annual Coffee Roaster’s Guild Retreat. The CRG Retreat is one of the best opportunities the Specialty Coffee Association offers for professional development, networking, and learning alongside other coffee roasters from companies all over the world. Given our commitment to continual improvement, it’s a must for at least some of our team to attend each year. Specialty coffee has grown up so quickly these past few decades, and there is always much to learn at the retreat. This year’s retreat was set at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. As always, the remote setting provides the perfect opportunity to relax, connect, reflect, and workshop outside the usual pressures of production roasting....

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Labor Day Hours - 2018

St. Louis Cafes: All cafes will close at 3pm, with the exception of Kayak's which closes at 6pm. Columbia: CoMO will close at 3pm Kansas City Cafes: Main Street: 7am - 5pm 47th Street: 7am-7pm Jefferson Street: 7am- 8pm Stateline: 7am-7pm

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A World Without Cancer Day

Friday is a huge day for one of our favorite causes. The great folks at Pedal the Cause work tirelessly year-round raising funds for cancer research, but August 3rd represents one of their major events: their annual “A World Without Cancer Day.” Friday only, all of their restaurant and retail partners, including Kaldi’s, give back a portion of profits toward the cause. In honor of these great partners, we wanted to take a chance to highlight Pedal the Cause and share a bit more about their great work. PTC was founded in 2010 with the singular mission to funnel 100% of its public donations toward funding world-class cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Their donations...

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Fresh Crop Sightings

Tom Petty couldn’t have been more right when he sang it: the waiting is the hardest part. More often than not, this is true in the world of coffee buying. Long before a delicious new lot hits our shelves for your buying pleasure, we cup pre-ship samples of that same lot, deliberate over it, sign a contract, and then do a whole lot of painful waiting until the coffee finally arrives stateside for us to cup a final approval sample and bring it to our roastery. Usually we have a rough idea of how long this will be, but there’s no telling what issues — weather, logistics, or otherwise — might slow that timeline down. Like any agricultural good, coffee...

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