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National Coffee Day 2023

Join us on Friday, September 29th as we honor coffee by bringing people and incredible coffees together with a discount on coffee drinks and a one-time roast.

Compostable Coffee Pods Arrive to Improve Your Mornings

Our pods are now certified as commercially compostable, allowing you to enjoy an easy, earth-friendly experience that stands out in a world full of plastic pods. Read about the process and get more details in this dedicated blog. 

The Baked Maple Pumpkin Latte Returns with New Fall Faves!

The BMPL is a pumpkin latte unlike any other. Experience the difference that freshly baked pumpkin puree makes, as you sip it alongside our latest seasonal specials.

Choosing a Roaster's Choice Subscription

Roaster's Choice subscribers travel the coffee world with us through the year. Read about the thought we put into the program, how it works, and if it's right for you. 

5 Things to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Is cold brew stronger? What is "iced coffee"? What is cold brew concentrate? Is cold brew right for you? See our list of 5 things you should know!

Seasonal Spring and Summer Specials Arrive

This year, to celebrate winter’s transition into summer, we’re turning to the garden to bask in the flavors and promises of the new season.  

Why Fresh Roasted Coffee Matters

If you peruse our website and general information about best coffee practices on the web, you’ll see lots of references to “Fresh Roasted Coffee”. But what does this mean, why should you care, and what should you do to maximize your coffee experience? 

Coffee Grinders: A Buying Guide (and a Strong Suggestion)

Grinding fresh from whole bean is one of the most effective ways to increase the quality of your coffee. But what grinder should you buy? Rob walks you through several options he has personal experience with, and gives you his top suggestion to fit most needs.

Comparing Cafe Kaldi & 700: A Deep Dive Before You Buy

We focus on roast profiles, components, and taste to more deeply compare and contrast our two most popular blends, Cafe Kaldi and 700.

Kaldi's Coffee Subscriptions - Making Coffee Work For You

Our coffee subscription program is more than just an easy way to get coffee when you need it. Learn about all the ways you can modify your subscription to really make it work for you.

New Drinks, Bakery, and Food Arrive Just in Time to Brace You for Winter

We’re seizing the opportunity to brighten these colder days with our latest seasonal specials. Familiar, inviting aromas fill our cafes as we stock up on winter spices, hearty snacks, and sweet delights. See what's new!

2022 in Review: Coffee In Community

As we near the end of 2022 at Kaldi's Coffee, we invite you to look back with us and remember the good moments, together.
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