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Choosing a Roaster's Choice Subscription

Roaster's Choice subscribers travel the coffee world with us through the year. Read about the thought we put into the program, how it works, and if it's right for you. 

Rwanda: Sholi, Smayah, and Endless Inspiration

Read about our trip to Rwanda in November 2019. Rwanda is about 1/7th the size of our home state Missouri, but has an outsized impact on specialty coffee and our own offerings in particular. During our stay we met the individuals who are pioneering long-term specialty coffee growing practices in Rwanda.

Sourcing and Roasting Coffee During COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected everyone, from Kaldi's all the way down to our producing partners. Read about the ways we're adapting our sourcing and roasting, and how we're working to maintain our closest relationships.

Spider Charts and Flavor Calls: How to Choose Your Next Single Origin Coffee

One of the hardest things to communicate in coffee is taste. Read about our "spider" charts and the ways that we communicate the taste of a coffee so that you can find the single origin coffee that's best for you.

Kaldi's Coffee Subscriptions - Making Coffee Work For You

Our coffee subscription program is more than just an easy way to get coffee when you need it. Learn about all the ways you can modify your subscription to really make it work for you.

How to Make French Press Coffee with Any Gear!

The French Press is a simple and classic way to brew coffee. Done correctly, it can appeal to both beginners of home brewing and seasoned professionals alike. Check out our easy brewing guide here! 

A Trip Back to Monserrate & The Release of Omaira Quintero

Kaldi’s Coffee is proud to celebrate this year’s lot of Colombia Omaira Quintero with a look back at our last visit to the region and farm that produces it in 2016.

The Art of Pour Over

Pour over coffee can be an art and a science. In the end, it's about enjoying the ride and the resulting cup. Read about the brewing rabbit hole and see some of the latest methods for getting that last bit of deliciousness from your pour over.

Much More than a Blend: 700

Much more than an espresso blend, 700 is the perfect everyday coffee with a history as rich as its taste. Learn more in our blend spotlight.

Why Fresh Roasted Coffee Matters

If you peruse our website and general information about best coffee practices on the web, you’ll see lots of references to “Fresh Roasted Coffee”. But what does this mean, why should you care, and what should you do to maximize your coffee experience? 

Blend Buying Guide

We’ve prepared a general buying guide of our blends, putting them in order from our lightest roasts to our darkest so you can find your perfect match. 

Introducing Gratitude Blend: Proceeds Go to the Gateway Resilience Fund

Introducing Gratitude Blend, with proceeds going to the Gateway Resilience Fund. A part of our culture is knowing how important gratitude is in any circumstance, but it somehow becomes ever more essential in times like these. 
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