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5 Tips for Better Cold Brew at Home

We cover how to control the different variables of cold brewing so you can master your cold brew coffee at home.

Cold Brew Off: Hario vs Kinto vs Toddy

We test 4 popular cold brew makers to give you better insight into how they perform, and how to upgrade your own cold brewing.

5 Things to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Is cold brew stronger? What is "iced coffee"? What is cold brew concentrate? Is cold brew right for you? See our list of 5 things you should know!

A Day in STL: Crescent & Downtown Clayton

We explore the sights and surrounds around our Crescent cafe in Downtown Clayton. Take our latest caffeine-fueled tour around this business district, including stops at restaurants, a park, and a gym!

The People of Kaldi’s Coffee: Estevao

The second iteration of this blog series that shines a spotlight on some of the special Kaldi’s Coffee team members behind our coffee and food. Here, we meet Estevao, who started in our Crescent cafe and is now roasting our coffee! 

A Day in STL: DeMun & Forest Park

We explore the DeMun neighborhood of Clayton and the neighboring Forest Park and Hi-Pointe areas, and give you a caffeine-fueled tour of some of our favorite recreation and food spots.

Gratitude Blend: New Year, New Mission

We are so excited to bring Gratitude Blend back for 2021 with a new mission. Read about the mission, the blend, and how we're giving back to St. Louis this year with your help.

Limited Release: 'Tis the Sneezin'

Introducing 'Tis the Sneezin'. When we were dreaming up our latest limited-release blend, we realized that the answer was all around us. (April Fools!)

Coffee Classics: The Vanilla Latte

Are you a lover of the classic Vanilla Latte? Read our tribute to one of our most popular drinks and get a recipe for making it at home.

The People of Kaldi’s Coffee: Kiersten

This blog series will shine a spotlight on some of the special Kaldi’s Coffee team members behind our coffee and food. Here, we meet Kiersten, who has managed several cafes and just started at our Roastery.

Rwanda Sholi 2021

Returning for its second year, Rwanda Sholi hints at a beautiful spring to come. Read as we recollect on our 2019 trip and talk about this year's exciting harvests!

Matcha Madness at Kaldi's

Join us as we spotlight some amazing matcha beverages this March. 
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