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Coffee Classics: The Vanilla Latte

Are you a lover of the classic Vanilla Latte? Read our tribute to one of our most popular drinks and get a recipe for making it at home.

The People of Kaldi’s Coffee: Kiersten

This blog series will shine a spotlight on some of the special Kaldi’s Coffee team members behind our coffee and food. Here, we meet Kiersten, who has managed several cafes and just started at our Roastery.

Rwanda Sholi 2021

Returning for its second year, Rwanda Sholi hints at a beautiful spring to come. Read as we recollect on our 2019 trip and talk about this year's exciting harvests!

Matcha Madness at Kaldi's

Join us as we spotlight some amazing matcha beverages this March. 

The "Secret" Team Behind Your Coffee: Meet the Techs!

The Kaldi’s Coffee Tech Team is a core component of our larger vision, but one that doesn’t often get big headlines. Learn more about the team that keeps the machines singing and the 'spros slinging!

The Future of Specialty Coffee & Chocolate Starts Here, Part 3 of 3

Kaldi's Coffee and Honeymoon Chocolates are committed to ensuring that coffee and chocolate don’t just survive, but flourish, so that all our descendants can enjoy them just like we do. Read about how some of these challenges are being faced. 

How are Coffee and Chocolate Made? Part 2 of 3

Along with Honeymoon Chocolates, we invite you to take an in-depth look into how cacao and green coffee are transformed into the beverages and treats you know and love.

Where Do Coffee & Chocolate Come From? Part 1 of 3

We team with our friends Honeymoon Chocolates to talk about the striking similarities between two of the basic joys of life: coffee and chocolate. Here, we discuss where each comes from. 

Honeymoon Chocolates Drink Series feat. the Cherry Cordial Latte

Alongside our partners at Honeymoon Chocolates, we're launching series of drinks and bites that pair coffee and chocolate together and celebrate our most Valentine’s Day-ready blend, Fair Trade Organic Birds and Bees. 

Much More than (FTO) Blends: French Roast and Birds & Bees

Get the scoop on two of our most popular Fair Trade Organic coffee blends!

Why Do We Brew With the Chemex and Kalita Wave?

Learn about the Kalita 185 and Chemex and get insight into how these pour over brewers work, what makes them special, and why we choose them at our coffee shops.

Chasing Quality: A Walk Through Espresso QC

Espresso is a passion project. We invite you to see how and why we conduct our weekly espresso quality control at our St. Louis Roastery.
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