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The People of Kaldi's Coffee: Lyndsey Patel

Our Director of Sales, Lyndsey Patel, sits down with us to talk about her experiences and more in our People of Kaldi's Coffee blog series.

Spring and Summer 2022 Drinks & Bakery

Peaches are the star of our spring and summer releases this year. See what new flavors will accompany your warm weather adventures!

7 Numbers Behind 700 Blend

Through the lens of 7 numbers, we shine a brighter light on - and take a deeper dive into - this fan-favorite coffee blend.

Comparing Cafe Kaldi & 700: A Deep Dive Before You Buy

We focus on roast profiles, components, and taste to more deeply compare and contrast our two most popular blends, Cafe Kaldi and 700.

The Kalita Wave 155: My Experience After 6 Years & Hundreds of Brews

Rob talks about his favorite brewer - the Kalita Wave 155 -  and gives tips, tricks, and his recipe after many years of happy brewing.

The People of Kaldi's Coffee: Jake Simorka

Jacob Simorka, one of our dedicated coffee roasters, has a long background in hospitality and cafe service. We interviewed Jake to learn more about his background and passions in our latest People of Kaldi's blog entry.

5 Easy Mods to Keep Your Favorite Meals Fresh

We're giving you 5 easy modifications to some of our most popular meals, including Avocado Toast, Black Bean Burritos, and breakfast sandwiches. See how you can make a familiar favorite fresh and new!

Kaldi's Coffee is for Foodies, too! Our Food and Bakery Program

The same passion, experience, and quest for continual improvement that drives our coffee program also drives our food program. Here, we go into more detail about how we shape your dining experience at Kaldi's Coffee.

New Drinks & Bakery: Cardamom & Cinnamon, Maple & Clove, and More!

The first drink and bakery release of 2022 is here, and we have some familiar tastes of winter mixed in with a little tropical vibe to warm you from the inside.

The People of Kaldi's Coffee: Phil Moll

Phil started with Kaldi's Coffee in 2010. Since then, his passion for continual improvement and willingness to always lend a hand have taken him into every area of the cafés. His story is unique, his perspective is fascinating, and his demeanor is simply a joy to be around. Meet Phil today!

2021: A Review, With Gratitude

As 2021 winds to a close, we thought it would be fun to lay out just some of the moments we were lucky enough to share with you this year.

Est. 1994: DeMun's Origin Story

Since 1994, we like to think that Kaldi’s on DeMun has been St. Louis’s ideal café. But its longevity and place in popular imagination were never guaranteed. We interview Howard about the opening of DeMun - and Kaldi's - and learn more about Kaldi's earliest days. 
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