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Spring and Summer 2022 Drinks & Bakery

The first days of summer announce themselves gently, with the warm sun cushioning each morning's lingering spring chill. They strike us as moments of pure pleasure, vibrant, somehow more saturated, like the golden hour before sunset, but day-long and as memorable as the beginnings of a smile. This year, to celebrate spring’s transition into summer, we’re bringing flavors that pop and shine in the style of spring’s best blooms.  

Peach is the star of our seasonal offerings this year, hitting on levels that start as subtle nods toward the new season before springing into full fledged flavor explosions.

Let’s begin with our Peach Cornbread Muffin, a nourishing, semi-sweet introduction that echoes the promise of spring. Grounded in cornmeal, yet lifted by the occasional chunk of fresh peach, it acknowledges the need for a heartiness at the beginning of a chilly day, while pointing toward a warm May afternoon. Made without gluten ingredients. 

Peach Cornbread MuffinPeach cornbread muffin

Packing an intense burst of peach, our Basil Peach Honey Scone displays a rollicking sweetness and fruity intensity that will light up your taste buds. We won’t blame you for blinking as your palate goes into overdrive processing the cascading flavors that wash over you while enjoying this scone!

Basil Peach Honey SconeBasil Peach Honey Scone

Spring also heralds the return of familiar comforts, as pools reopen and shorts reappear. Some of our familiar cafe favorites also return this time of year, as the peanut butter mini-cookie stirs from its bakery slumber to reclaim its prized place in our pastry cases (also made without gluten ingredients). It’s joined by the sugar-rush zing of our classic lemon poppyseed bread, which is sure to spread smiles.

Mini Peanut Butter CookiesPeanut butter mini cookies

We only have one returning drink this season, but it’s a doozy: the Lavender Matcha is back, in all its floral glory. Packed with the earthy delight of Firepot’s Amai Matcha and sweetened with a delectable, lavender simple syrup, its vibrant sheen will put a spring back in your step.

Lavender Matcha with latte artLavender Matcha

As the radio’s summer soundtrack summons the crash of waves against sand, delighted children frolicking in a pool, and the waft of a thousand backyard barbecues, we reach for fresh delights to quench our thirst. Peaches aren’t just good in pastries, they’re amazing in smoothies too, so we’re rocking out with the peach pop of a Peaches and Cream Smoothie. This caffeine free blend is refreshing and nutritious, while those craving a caffeine jolt in the sun can choose our new Shaken Peach Iced Latte. A mouth-watering, house-made peach reduction is thrown into a bar shaker with espresso, your choice of milk, and iced before we serve up an extremely cold jolt of peach perfection that’s perfect for summer sipping.

Peach smoothie in a glass with strawPeaches and Cream Smoothie

Iced Peach Latte on a tableShaken Peach Iced Latte

Summer tees, seeking shade, and staying hydrated become sudden priorities as the sun hangs higher and higher in the sky. We’ve got you covered with fresh emerald and sunset Kaldi’s Coffee tees, evoking fresh fields and summer nights.

Sunset Orange T-Shirt - Shop Now!

Our next summer fling is a wild, custom Nalgene water bottle that is wrapped in an elevation map of Colombia Monserrate, the location of our longest running relationship coffee.

Nalgene Water Bottle - Shop Now!

Finally, stay cool all summer and long into fall with the Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Maker. An all-in-one capsule, the Kinto’s elegant design lets you cleanly brew up batches of your favorite Haya cold brew at home. Or mix it up and get wild with single origin refreshment as you beat the heat using our detailed Kinto brew guide. Whatever your taste in coffee, the Kinto puts the power of refreshment in your refrigerator and looks good doing it!

Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Maker next to flowersKinto Capsule Cold Brew Maker

As you plan your summer adventures, we’re thrilled to be along for the journey.  Whether you just need a spark in the morning, a drink to stow in your dash as you set out on a roadtrip, or are clipping our Nalgene to a pack as you set out on a trek, we can’t wait to experience everything the summer offers!




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