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New Drinks, Bakery, and Food Arrive Just in Time to Brace You for Winter

The days are short and dark this time of year, but we’re seizing the opportunity to brighten each one with our latest seasonal specials. Familiar, inviting aromas fill our cafes as we stock up on winter spices, hearty snacks, and sweet delights.

Cinnamon Cardamom Latte

Cardamom and sit beside a latte on a side table

The Cinnamon Cardamom Latte returns to chase away the chill. Your winter favorite combines the sweetness of our house made cardamom and cinnamon simple syrup with espresso and a blanket of warm, steamed milk. You’ll recognize its familiar comfort and smile at every sip.

Walnut Carrot Mini Loaf

Cream cheese frosted walnut carrot mini loaf on coffee table

A smile-inducing sweetness topped with walnuts sets off this mini-loaf, a breakfast spin on carrot cake. A seriously nourishing base of carrots, pineapple, walnuts, and spices hides beneath an indulgent swirl of cream cheese filling.

Chipotle Mocha

A chipotle mocha with a heart on top

Created as the perfect blend of sugar and spice, our Chipotle Mocha is designed to warm you up from head to toe on even the coldest days. We start with our classic Kaldi’s Mocha syrup, then supercharge the heat by mixing cinnamon, chipotle, and smoked paprika to concoct a spicy treat that will get you ready to charge back into the elements in no time at all.

Warm Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

Bread pudding topped with walnuts and caramel

Hibernation is the season when we tuck ourselves under blankets and brace against the cold, and our Bread Pudding with caramel sauce is the perfect embodiment of pulling on another blanket and letting the world pass by. This warm, sticky bread pudding topped with rich caramel sauce and walnuts will chase your cares away as you nestle into another bite.

Morning Breakfast Bite 

A tiny breakfast bit sits on a countertop

For those mornings when you’re on the go and just want a snack to tide you over, we’ve created a bite-sized solution. Our morning breakfast bite is a smaller version of our classic granola bar; you won’t find a more convenient combination of oats, chocolate, and dried cranberries.

Apple Cinnamon Mini Loaf

Apple cinnamon mini loaf in front of a fireplace

Our house made granola makes a surprise appearance on this mini loaf as a comforting, hearty topping. The loaf itself summons the memory of apple pie baking in a cozy kitchen, as warm cinnamon spices mix with the natural sweetness of moist apple bread.

Savory Chorizo Cheddar Scone A chorizo cheddar scone basks in morning light

When winter nips at your nose and you find yourself rubbing your hands together furiously, duck inside a warm cafe for the best escape from the cold. Savory scones will greet you in our cafes with the most delectable mix of ingredients. Chorizo, green salsa, cheddar cheese and green onions combine in this mouthwatering breakfast.

Dragon Fruit Golden Soul Latte
A bright yellow latte with purple sprinkles of dragon fruit powder

We know escaping to an island might be an ideal alternative to hibernating through the cold, but it’s not an option for most of us. This caffeine-free treat brings the sunshine you’ve been missing and serves it up in a creamy, savory-sweet cup of enchantment. We start with Firepot’s Golden Soul, a natural mix of turmeric, ginger, cardamom, clove, and cinnamon, then sweeten it subtly with a house made Dragon Fruit simple syrup to bring a touch of bright strawberry acidity into your cup, steam it, and garnish it with a dragon fruit powder dusting. 

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