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Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies Sitting Next to a Specialty Chocolate Bar from Honeymoon Chocolates

A classic recipe with a coffee twist

We like roasting coffee. We like brewing coffee. And we like baking with coffee too. All of this combines in our Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

This recipe uses the shavings from a specialty chocolate bar infused with our own specialty coffee. If you're looking to really up your game with this noble cookie, this is the recipe for you.

We originally partnered with St. Louis's own Honeymoon Chocolates for a few drinks and bites in early 2021. Afterwards, we wanted to do more than simply sell their coffee-infused chocolate bars and make some incredible new drinks. It ultimately dawned on us that we could infuse their work into these Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies for a nice, subtle coffee twist on a classic recipe.

A Honeymoon Chocolate Bar next to a knife

What is Specialty Chocolate? 

If you haven't had the flavor experience of specialty chocolate before, you are in for a treat (a treat on top of a treat, in fact). Specialty chocolate has all the same "wow-factor" in flavor experience as going from supermarket coffee to specialty coffee. It's very flavorful, rich, and oftentimes decadent.

Infused with coffee, the chocolate in this Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe delivers a subtle-yet-present coffee taste while maintaining all the richness brought by the chocolate. We've seen other recipes that use instant coffee to deliver the coffee taste, but we wanted to put our own specialty take on this recipe via their bars. 

Don't have time to grab a bar from Honeymoon Chocolates? 

In the recipe below, we list out some other options to give your Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies some coffee flavor below. You can also up the chocolate flavor by incorporating regular chocolate chips. But if you want the best of both worlds, give one of their bars a try! 

A hand holding a plate of our Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

We hope you enjoy these Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies!






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