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Honeymoon Chocolates Drink Series feat. the Cherry Cordial Latte

This Valentine’s Day season, we are celebrating a match made in heaven:

chocolate + coffee

Alongside our partners at Honeymoon Chocolates, we have a series of drinks and bites that pair these two remarkable food products together and celebrate our most Valentine’s Day-ready blend, Fair Trade Organic Birds and Bees. 

Love at first sight: The Cherry Cordial Latte

This limited edition drink is chocolate covered cherries in a cup. A light touch of cherry juice mixed with our 700 blend is garnished by a gorgeous dusting of frozen cherry powder and Honeymoon Chocolate shavings. Available for just a couple weeks! 

The Cherry Cordial Latte - a limited edition latte drink for Valentine's Day 2021

Love Chai 

We are taking our classic Firepot Rooibos chai and giving it the Valentine’s Day treatment. A mix of chocolate sauce plus a garnish of the Honeymoon chocolate shavings creates a sweet and spicy mix perfect for warming you up. Also, for a limited time we are selling specially-labeled bottles of the Love Chai in our stores! Makes the perfect gift.

A bottle of Love Chai

Let’s Talk About Hex(agons)

To complete the taste experience for both, grab a Birds and Bees chocolate hexagon for $1.50. Made by Honeymoon Chocolates, the Peruvian chocolate is ethically sourced, sweetened with honey, and combined with our own Fair Trade Organic Birds and Bees coffee blend. It’s decadent, rich, and is the perfect finish for both drinks. 

Chocolate Hexagons made with Birds and Bees coffee blend on a red pillow

Fair Trade Organic Birds and Bees 

Birds, bees, and Valentine’s Day - it just makes sense. We are giving this blend the red carpet treatment for the month of February. Available for retail sale with a special pink label, this blend features an approachable acidity and a balanced sweetness. Perfect for any occasion, but especially this one. 

A 12oz bag of our Fair Trade Organic Birds and Bees coffee blend

Go to the Fair Trade Organic Birds & Bees product page

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