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Compostable Coffee Pods Arrive to Improve Your Mornings

We’re thrilled to relaunch our coffee pods. They are now certified as commercially compostable, allowing you to enjoy an easy, earth-friendly experience that stands out in a world full of plastic pods.

We think of coffee as a journey of discovery, and we hope that these changes offer a more welcoming entry point for all coffee pod-lovers, while representing our own journey and values more accurately.

In this blog, we go into a little more detail about the process and benefits of this welcome change. 

The backstory 

When we began creating our original pod line in 2020, we wanted to be sure their brew quality aligned with our normal, high standards, so we chose to use classic Kaldi’s Coffee blend and roast profiles, roasted by hand, just like our other coffees. The quality is enhanced by filling our pods with larger amounts of coffee than many other pod brands. This helps us avoid what many consider a “weak” cup, that can often result when brewing Keurig coffees.

We immediately identified the production of plastic, single-use cups as our pods’ major weakness, and began searching for a more sustainable alternative. We were moving towards a compostable solution when the supply chain issues of 2021 struck, delaying our improvements. We remained undeterred, and once compostable pod manufacturing was available, we initiated a pod rebrand and moved quickly toward production.

Fresh design and achieving compostability

French Roast pods next to a Keurig

Our rebrand of pods and their boxes brings a vibrant display of color to our packaging, to celebrate this eco-friendly update. We’ve also renamed our “Dark Roast” pod to “French Roast,” bringing it proudly in-line with our whole bean offering of the same name.

While the USA doesn’t have a recognized certification for home composting, we’d like you to know that these have earned that certification in Austria, as well as the European DIN Home Compost certification. To view all of our manufacturer’s certifications, visit the Smile Compostable Solution’s website.

House pods sit by a cup of coffee and a Keurig machine from Target

A more sustainable solution

Switching our coffee pod packaging to this new commercially compostable version offers several benefits for the environment. Here are two key advantages:

  1. Environmental sustainability: Commercially compostable pods are designed to break down quickly and completely in composting facilities. Made from plant-based fibers, our pods reduce environmental impact and contribute to waste reduction compared to plastic pods. When composted, our pods divert waste from landfills and dumps, helping to address the growing global waste management issue.
  1. Lower carbon footprint: The production of commercially compostable products generally requires fewer fossil fuels and emits fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional packaging materials. Our pods are certified as carbon-neutral products (view their certificate here). Additionally, composting itself can contribute to carbon sequestration, as organic waste breaks down into nutrient-rich compost, which can be used to enrich soils and support plant growth.

It's worth noting that commercially compostable boxes require proper disposal in composting facilities to maximize their benefits. Visit  or use other local resources to find a commercial composting facility near you.

A Highlander Grogg Pod sits beside a box of pods

We hope you love having an earth-friendly pod option. Whether you’re brewing them at home daily, buying them for an Airbnb, or using them as a high quality coffee break at the office, we also hope you love the familiar flavor of great coffee that you’ve come to expect from us.






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