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Choosing a Roaster's Choice Subscription

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Certainty and surprise. Too much of one can be boring, the other nerve-wracking. But the right mixture can lead to a very pleasant experience, like being certain that you will have a pleasant surprise. These kinds of things are rare, but that’s the exact mentality we’ve tried to bring into our single origin "Roaster’s Choice" coffee subscription program. 

Is it right for you? We’re here to help you decide! 

Here, we'll cover:

Single Origin Selections from Kaldi's Coffee Roaster's Choice Program

What is a Roaster’s Choice Subscription?

We put a lot of time and passion into sourcing for our single origin specialty coffee program (single origin is any coffee that solely comes from one farm, cooperative, or producer). Each year, we get thousands of samples from around the world, then get to roasting, cupping, and scoring them as we whittle down the ones that “wow” us and have a great story to match its taste. When sourcing and selecting, we try to design our lineup so there’s a nice balance of origins, tastes, and prices. But, due to coffee harvest schedules and limited availability, the coffees that we offer come and go through the year.

Our Roaster’s Choice subscription, then, is simply a monthly selection of our current single origin lineup. Each month, subscribers receive one of the coffees that we think is tasting great and meet a few criteria. So it’s 12 different coffees a year, sent on their schedule. 

How is the selection determined?

When we decide what coffee to make Roaster’s Choice for the month, we consider:

  • What coffee origins have our subscribers received recently?
    • We want subscribers to experience different coffee origins from around the world
  • What kind of flavors have our recent coffees had?
    • We want subscribers to have a good mix of actual tastes along with origins. For example, Brazilian coffees are generally known for a nice nuttiness, while Ethiopian coffees range from fruity to floral to chocolatey. Getting this back to back provides an excellent change of pace. 

The coffee that you receive is a bit of a surprise (this page is kept updated as soon as the coffees switch), but it’s mixed in with the certainty of knowing that your subscription is: 

  • carefully curated 
  • a mixture of the best coffees in the world, and
  • comes to your door on your schedule without you having to do a thing!

As an added bonus, the Roaster’s Choice program is $18.49 a month for a 12 ounce bag, which is almost always cheaper than the bag that you receive. We also have a 2 pound option, which is currently the only way to get this size in our single origins. 

Coffee Cherries from Around the World

Different coffees from around the world


Let’s take a look at the coffees we’ve launched since early 2023 to see how this plays out: 

January 2023 Costa Rica Roger Ureña Hidalgo
February 2023 Brazil Serra do Cabral
March 2023 Papua New Guinea Baroida
April 2023 Colombia Familia Macias
May 2023 Ethiopia Hamed Awol
June 2023 Rwanda Sholi Natural / Kenya Kamwangi
July 2023 DR Congo Muungano Natural
August 2023 Colombia Nariño Aponte Honey
September 2023 Mexico Ozolotepec
October 2023 Kenya Gatina
November 2023 Colombia Familia Imbachi
December 2023 'Tis the Season
January 2024 Costa Rica Roger Ureña Hidalgo
February 2024 Exclusive: Nicaragua Tropical Fruit Symphony
March 2024 Peru Nicolas Chilcon
April 2024 Brazil João Hamilton
May 2024 Exclusive: "Rwanduo" combo: Rwanda Sholi Washed + Sholi Natural
June 2024 Exclusive 12 oz bag: Colombia Julian Hernandez

Looking at January 2023 through May 2023, we went from a white honey processed coffee from Costa Rica, to a peanut-butter-jelly-in-a-cup Brazilian offering, then over to a shockingly fruity coffee from Asia Pacific, then to two of the best producing regions in the world, Ethiopia and Colombia. Meanwhile, we continued to offer coffees only accessible to Roaster's Choice subscribers in varying months. 

With these changes and switch-ups, subscribers essentially travel the coffee world like no one else.

Coffee Producing Regions


To recap:

  • Roaster’s Choice is carefully curated and changes monthly
  • Roaster’s Choice almost always comes at a discount versus normal retail price
  • Roaster’s Choice is a great way to better understand the world of coffee and to keep things fresh in your coffee life

So, the Roaster’s Choice recurring (i.e. pay as you go) subscription can be a perfect way to keep your coffee fresh and your coffee life from going stale. It also makes the perfect gift to the coffee lover in your life! Mixed in with some of the tips and tricks from our previous blog, you can set yourself up with Roaster’s Choice in a variety of ways. 

For instance, you could set a subscription for 700 every 2 weeks, then interchange with Roaster’s Choice so you can have a stellar, consistent blend followed up with an always new single origin (week 1 700, week 3 Roaster's Choice, and so on).

Choosing Roaster’s Choice

Humility is a core value at Kaldi’s Coffee, but we are pretty proud of our Roaster’s Choice program. It's a fantastic representation of the passion and thoughtfulness that we put into our coffee sourcing. Many customers have found that it’s the right fit for them, and we think it has a place in every coffee lover’s life. And when paired with our set-it-and-forget-it subscription model that can be conveniently managed by SMS text, tasting the world of coffee is easier than ever. 

12 oz bag of Kaldi's Coffee Roaster's Choice for $18.49


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