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Sun Drenched Seasonal Specials Arrive to Brighten Your Day

The first days of spring announce themselves gently, each warm midday sun promising hot summer evenings. Their arrival strikes us in moments of pure pleasure, vibrant in splendor. This year, as spring turns to summer, we’re turning to flavors found in gardens around the world as we bask in the new season.  


Espresso is poured into a tall glass filled with milk, colored purple by ube syrup

You made our Iced Ube Latte an absolute hit last summer and we’re thrilled to bring this vibrant drink back for an encore. If you were one of the few who missed it last year, we know you’ll enjoy every sip of this subtly sweet latte.  Ube, derived from the Tagalog word for tuber, is a deeply purple root vegetable from the Philippines that is both sweeter and more mellow than a yam.  Long cherished around the world for its ability to create gorgeous desserts that aren’t cloyingly sweet, whether you’re tasting ube for the first or the thousandth time.

Caprese Salad

A bright, caprese salad sits on beach wood, a fork perched at the ready.

Fresh tomatoes, basil, with mozzarella and a balsamic dressing make a standard Caprese salad sing, and we’re brightening them up even more, with strawberries and sunflower seeds on a bed of spinach and arugula. Revel in the flavors of the garden with this updated classic.


A vase of flowers sits behind a bowl of fresh strawberries, which rests besides a gold brown muffin

Another summer favorite returns to our cafes, but you'll find this one in the pastry case. Gluten-free flour gives this treat a light, almost angel-food like texture, enhanced even further by a sweet streusel and almond topping. A heavenly start to any sunny morning. (Prepared without any gluten ingredients)


A vibrant green mug of matcha glows beside a bowl of strawberries

While fresh tomatoes and basil celebrate the renewal of savory, spring delights, floral herbs also beckon from the garden. Our tea company, Firepot Tea, provides fertile ground for inspiration. The Strawberry Mint Matcha combines Firepot’s Amai Matcha and mint with a strawberry simple syrup, for an extra-fresh pop of bright flavor.

The diversity of a garden can be a beautiful sight.  Full of familiar favorites, year after year, a good garden also holds space for experimentation and unfamiliar delicacies.  


A freshly glazed scone drips with icing, beside a vase of purple flowers and a bowl of bright red strawberries.

Why confine your love of matcha just to drinks? Just like coffee, matcha is an excellent ingredient for baking, so we've combined it with strawberry again, but in a scrumptious scone. Match your drink with your breakfast and stand out from the crowd.

Ube Swirl Cookie

A top-down view of two purple and tan sugar cookies peeking out from beneath the petals of a yellow flower.

Just like matcha, ube is found in bakery cases around the world, its delicately unique sweetness bringing smiles wherever it appears. Grab a cookie and expand your understanding of how sweet the world can be.


The Sweetness of Seltzer Season

An iced Matcha Selzter and Vanilla Cold Brew Seltzer sit on weathered beach wood

Last month we launched the Key Lime Cold Brew Seltzer, and now we’re adding to our line up. If you love our cold brew, and want a more familiar seltzer experience, our Vanilla Cold Brew Seltzer is for you. Our house made vanilla syrup drops into Cold Brew Concentrate, cut with club soda, for a sparkling sipper. If matcha’s more your vibe in the summer, we’ve added the Key Lime Matcha Seltzer. Coffee free, but oh so refreshing, it’s the cool you crave when the temperature rises.

 Lemon Mini Loaf

Two lemon mini loaves cool on a backing rack as a lemon rests behind them, out of focus.
Our seasonal offerings close with a classic. A clean, simple, and mildly sweet Lemon Mini Loaf offers a familiar comfort, before we top it with extra pops of lemon as icing and zest elevate a humble loaf to smile-inducing treat.

A World of Flavors

We hope that as you enjoy the warmth of the season, you also enjoy the flavors of our latest seasonal specials. Just as we love roasting and serving coffees from around the globe, we can't wait to introduce you to flavors enjoyed by other cultures. Whether in our drinks and pastries, we hope that you'll share our appreciation of these garden-inspired delights.

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