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See a selection of some of our crafted coffee drinks and special releases through the years.

Coffee Classics: The Vanilla Latte
Are you a lover of the classic Vanilla Latte? Read our tribute to one of our most popular drinks and get a recipe for making it at home.
Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe
The delicious pairing of coffee and vanilla, the Iced Vanilla Latte takes only a few minutes to make and is so refreshing! 
Drinks to be Merry: Brown Sugar Rosemary & Firepot Mulling Spices
Something comforting, reassuring, and familiar paired with something new-yet-traditional and highly sensory with its fantastic aroma. It's time for Brown Sugar Rosemary Lattes and Mulled Cider! (late 2020)
Honeymoon Chocolates Drink Series feat. The Cherry Cordial Latte
Alongside our partners at Honeymoon Chocolates, we launched a series of drinks and bites that pair coffee and chocolate together and celebrate our most Valentine’s Day-ready blend, Fair Trade Organic Birds and Bees. (early 2021)
Introducing... the Gibraltar
The Gibraltar, a new "traditional" espresso-based drink, is available at all of our cafes. But what is it? We're here to shed some light! 
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