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Drinks to Be Merry: Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte & Firepot Mulling Spices

The days are growing shorter and the heaters and sweaters are coming out of storage. Like every holiday season, we're here to help brighten your days and nights with some delicious seasonal offerings. 

Longtime guests of our cafes may know that Kaldi’s Coffee launches 4 “rollouts” each year. These rollouts consist of trendy new merchandise, new delicious bakery items to match the season, and, most relevant here, new signature drinks. This holiday season, we opted to bring back a fan favorite from prior years, alongside a brand new drink that creates a delightful aroma throughout our cafes and your home. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk more about the Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte and Mulled Cider! 

Brown Sugar and Rosemary for our Signature Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte


Once again, this fall, we are happy to celebrate the return of one of our favorite seasonal beverages: the Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte. This drink, prepared by one of our skilled baristasis one of our most popular, year after year. So much so, we have posted the recipe for one of the key ingredients on our At Home page, the Brown Sugar Rosemary Simple Syrup! This house-made syrup can be used in more than just this latte, so check at our At Home page for more recipes including a Brown Sugar Rosemary Old Fashioned.

The Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte... is one of our most popular, year after year

Brown Sugar Rosemary Old Fashioned Drink - Get the Recipe on Our At Home page!

Delicate notes of piney rosemary lace the toasted caramel-y sweetness of this latte. The Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte is always delicious, but never more appreciated than in the cold winter months, and the days leading up to the end-of-year holidays. In December, you can even upgrade to a single origin espresso, which is always our ‘Tis the Season holiday coffee blend. 

Order yours for curbside pickup! Ordering online is super easy, too: you can get to our Toast Tab ordering system from any of the individual cafe webpages, or from our Order Online page. Order for immediate pickup or schedule your grab and go for later from the comfort of your home!

The brown sugar rosemary was one of the first beverages I ordered at a Kaldi’s...The subtle rosemary reminds me of a snowy winter day. A perfect drink for the holidays, and tastes good both hot and iced!!” -Kiersten


This winter, we are excited to reintroduce a tasty product from our sister company, Firepot Nomadic Teas. Firepot Mulling Spices is a soothing, tingly blend of warm spices and dried orange peel that will make your morning, noon, or evening. Ideal for hot apple cider or mulled wine, this spice blend is warming and inviting. 

Firepot Mulling Spices for Cider and Wine

Mulling is an ancient technique of infusing a drink — usually apple cider or wine — with spices, botanicals, and dried fruit, often for festive or ritual occasions. There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of a slowly-simmering pot of mulled wine or cider. And, as one of our baristas put it, adding in the Mulling Spices makes any old wine taste amazing again. 

Featuring coriander, cinnamon, pepper, and cloves, along with the orange peel, Firepot’s holiday mulling spice blend offers a revitalizing boost to your hot beverage. Order your own bag now from our Roastery, or schedule a curbside pickup of freshly-mulled cider to go from one of our cafes. 

Featuring coriander, cinnamon, pepper, and cloves, along with the zesty orange peel, Firepot’s holiday mulling spice blend offers a vitalizing boost to your hot beverage.

Mulling Spices Being Cooked in a Pan

Want to mull your own cider or wine at home with these spices, but don’t know how to? We’ve got you covered in this Instagram video tutorial from our Barista Trainer and QC lead, Andrew:


    Don’t have the right kind of sachet or pouch? Time to get creative! Different kinds of coffee filters can be used instead by pouring your hot wine or cider over the spices, then repeating. Or, you can mull the wine or cider with the loose spice blend, then filter it through a standard mesh strainer—with a coffee filter set inside as a secondary filter—afterward. This is actually more in line with traditional mulling methods, such as for the medieval drink “hippocras”, a sweetened mulled wine! 

    For some more festive "oomph", you can add a little extra to your mulled drink: dark rum or bourbon is best for cider, while a touch of brandy or port adds a bit of "cheer" to your wine. And don’t forget to garnish your hot beverage with a slice of your favorite citrus, skewered cherries, or maybe something wilder!

    Comforting, Contemplative Drinks

    One reason we’re so excited for these drinks is that they run the gamut of what we could all use right now. Something comforting, reassuring, and familiar (Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte), and something new-yet-traditional, highly sensory with its fantastic aroma, and something that goes GREAT with wine. It’s our mission to give you a memorable experience every time you interact with our coffee and tea, and we think these drinks do just that. So drink, be merry, and take care of yourself!




    More Than Just a Holiday Coffee Blend: Tis the Season | Kaldi's Coffee Blog


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