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A collection of blogs about the Kaldi's Coffee cafe experience

How Should You Feel at a Kaldi's Coffee Cafe? 
We have been planning for your visit to one of our coffee shops for 26 years. Learn about our hospitality philosophy and how we strive to make you feel at home at a Kaldi's Coffee. 
Pursuing Perfection: Barista Training at Kaldi's Coffee
Our baristas are the epitome of our mission to chase quality and serve people. Read about how our barista training program creates a team up to the task!
Kaldi's Coffee is for Foodie's Too! Our Food & Bakery Program
The same passion, experience, and quest for continual improvement that drives our coffee program also drives our food program. Here, we go into more detail about how we shape your dining experience at Kaldi's Coffee.
Designing a Kaldi's Coffee Cafe
Many people know us for our welcoming retail spaces just as much as our specialty coffee. In this blog, we discuss the thought and care that goes into each one of our cafe spaces.
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