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A collection of blogs about the exceptional team members at Kaldi's Coffee

The People of Kaldi's Coffee: Kiersten
Here, we meet Kiersten, who has managed several cafes and just started at our Roastery.
A Barista's Experience with Glitter Cat's DiGiTiTiON
Barista Jalen Kelly shares his words on the transformative experience he had judging a virtual coffee competition, Glitter Cat’s DiGiTiTiON, in the fall of 2020.
Glitter Cat Barista Boot Camp
Matt Foster gives us an inside look at an incredible weekend.
Coffee in Good Spirits Champion Matt Foster
An interview with Matt about his background, experiences, and triumph at the first ever Coffee in Good Spirits championship in 2019.
The "Secret" Team Behind Your Coffee
The Kaldi’s Coffee Tech Team is a core component of our larger vision, but one that doesn’t often get big headlines. Learn more about the team that keeps the machines singing and the 'spros slinging!
Relationship Spotlight: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
Our relationship with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers goes back more than 10 years, and in 2020 we've celebrated this partnership more than ever. Read more about the excellent work and our local connection here!
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