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Kalita Wave 185

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The Kalita Wave Stainless Steel dripper is a Japanese pour over device with a flat bottom and three small holes, designed to yield an even extraction and give consistent results.

The 185 model is a beautiful device, can be used in just minutes, is easy to clean, and has been the pour over method of choice in our cafes for many years alongside the Chemex. We love brewing all types of coffee in the Kalita Wave, but especially love the extra sweet and rounded notes it brings to coffees from Central and South America.

Learn more about why we choose the Kalita for hand brews in our cafes in our blog, "Why Do We Brew with the Chemex and Kalita Wave?".

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We really like the Kalita Wave 185 as an entry-level pour over device (that will grow along with your skills). Watch our video to see why you may want to switch from your machine to manual!



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