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Chemex Brew Guide | Perfect For Two

This Chemex recipe will make enough coffee for 2 people (or 1 really thirsty individual). 

You can read further to get all of the details, or you can watch Kiersten make our recipe on Youtube:

Watch Chemex Brew Guide on Youtube


As we mentioned in a previous blog, "Why Do We Brew with the Chemex and Kalita Wave", we love having the Chemex in our cafes because it’s as useful as it is beautiful, and gives our baristas the ability to make larger batches of pour over coffee for our guests. 

This recipe has been honed over the years to be simple enough to brew in a busy cafe but maintain the quality to meet the high standards of our team. It produces enough for two big mugs of coffee, making it perfect for sharing.

Hand holding a Chemex 6 Cup Coffee Maker  


  • Filter trick: If you're using a square filter, fold the top of the corner down into the spout. This will help make sure the brew doesn't stall.
  • Pre-heat is neat: Use a good amount of your heated water to rinse the filter and preheat the brewer. The Chemex is big and the paper is thick.  
  • Try African coffees: All coffees taste great in a Chemex, but we especially love the added clarity it brings to African coffees.
  • Bleached vs unbleached filters: There’s a pretty big difference in experience of bleached vs natural filters. We recommend bleached for the cleanest taste. Though natural is slightly more environmentally friendly, Chemex users report slight papery taste in the final brew. If you use a natural filter, we recommend a second rinse prior to brewing. 
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Learn more about why we choose to brew with the Chemex in our blog:

Why Do We Brew with the Chemex and Kalita Wave?
A chemex sits with a 12oz bag of 700

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