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Holiday 2021 Gift Guide


As the crisp nip of fall gives way to dark, chilly mornings and long, piercing nights, we look to the holidays for cheer. ‘Tis the season for hope, family, friends, and finding familiar comforts to ward off winter’s frosty bite.

This year, we’re looking back to appreciate the gifts you’ve given us, reflecting on the kindness of our team members and guests, and hoping to share the promise of the next year with you and yours, as we carve out a refuge against the winter.

Kaldi's Coffee holiday 2021 Collection - beanies, Mullin Spices, ornament, and 'Tis the Season Coffee Blend

‘Tis the Season to Spread Joy 

As you search for ways to delight the most important people in your life this year, we can help you find something that shows how much you care.

Coffee Mug Ornament

27 years of serving you coffee really add up, whichever cafe you happen to call your own. Bring those memories home with this ornament, styled after our original tin camper mugs. This playful reminder of Kaldi’s is sure to become part of your holiday traditions in the years to come, as we add to your festive memories. 


Honeymoon Chocolate Bars - 'Tis the Season & Colombia Monserrate

Everyone needs a little sweet to help them through the Holidays. Honeymoon Chocolate keeps it all natural by only adding raw honey to their delectable bars and gives back a portion of all sales to help fund honeybee research. We first partnered with them last year - even writing a 3 part blog series about the commonalities between coffee and chocolate - and loved the quality of their chocolates and the uniqueness of their mission.

This year, Honeymoon started with our ‘Tis the Season coffee as their inspiration to create a holiday bar with notes of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon. Paired with our sweet, earthy, and spicy coffee blend, it’s a can’t miss for the chocolate lover. We suggest eating it slowly, letting each piece warm and melt across your palate, as you savor each bite - soon, the bar may be just as much a part of your holiday tradition as our ‘Tis the Season itself!

For the classic chocolate lover, Honeymoon has also created a bar featuring our Colombia Monserrate coffee. We’ve sourced coffees from Monserrate for over a decade, after falling in love with the people and beans in 2008. This year, to celebrate their coffee and our relationship, we’re proud to offer this coffee as part of a Honeymoon bar. When you need an extra boost to make it through the long evenings, just a few blocks should do the trick.


Coffee Pods

 3 Coffee Pod varieties

Whether you’re on the way out the door to hit a last minute sale, prepping for a big meeting, or heading to a holiday party, get your Kaldi’s coffee more conveniently than ever with our new coffee pods. We spent years obsessing to bring you the same quality cup of coffee you know and love, and they’ve arrived just in time for the holidays! The ultimate blend of convenience and quality, our pods are a blessing to give or to get.


Diner Mug
Kaldi's Coffee Diner Mug Holiday 2021

A reliable servant in our cafes since the 90’s, this mug is a true classic for your morning brew. Though our logo printed across it has evolved as we’ve grown throughout the years, nothing quite has the comforting weight of our timeless diner mug.


Firepot Mulling Spices
Firepot Mulling Spices

Cozy up to the fire with a drink steeped in our aromatic and flavorful mulling spices. Mulling is an ancient technique of infusing a drink — usually apple cider or wine — with spices, botanicals, and dried fruit, often for festive or ritual occasions. There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of a slowly-simmering pot of mulled wine or cider. And, as one of our baristas put it, adding mulling spices can make any old wine taste amazing again.


Keep Cups
Kaldis Coffee Glass and Plastic Keep Cups Holiday 2021

When dark mornings need a bright, hot start, the Keep Cup is the go-to choice for coffee and tea lovers. Light-weight, easy to carry, and a pleasure to drink from with the lid or without, the Keep Cup shows you care about the environment too. With 1% of all sales donated to protect the environment, their inherent reusability, and a hand-assembled, BPA-free product made locally around the United States to sustain local communities, the Keep Cup is a choice that ticks off so many boxes on our nice list. 

We’re offering both a short, glass option to give you that cafe feeling while on-the-go and a taller, plastic option, good for hustling out the door with a fresh brew. Feel good while drinking good coffee or tea - it’s a win-win.



Klean Kanteen
Kaldi's Logo Klean Kanteen Holiday 2021

In the midst of the holiday rush, it’s easy to lose track of so many things.  Cross hydration off your list with our sharply designed Klean Kanteen. The definitive choice as a water bottle, this canteen can pull double duty keeping your coffee hot all day. Hit the hills with a sled in the morning, knock out your shopping, then pick out a tree, we’re not worried! This Klean Kanteen is designed to keep liquids piping hot for up to ten hours at a time.


‘Tis the Season to Keep Cozy


Echoing our ‘Tis the Season coffee blend design this year, these tees are perfect for when you’re safely inside and warmed up. Kick back with a book and let the soft crackling of a fireplace lull you into tranquility as you relax in these comfy tees. Comes in pink and forest green. 


Poofball Beanie
Poofball beanies

Pull your hat down over your ears, catch a snowflake on your tongue, and stay outside just a little bit longer! We triple-dog dare you not to smile at the sight of these vivid, retro poofball hats. For cozy nostalgia that makes a statement as you bundle up against the elements, these poofballs have you covered.


‘Tis the Season to Bundle Up

$34.99 'Tis the Timeless Season Bundle
'Tis the Season 12oz bag, Ornament, 'Tis the Season Chocolate Bar

Give the gift of timeless holiday flavors, with a Honeymoon Chocolate Bar created to amplify the dried fruits, spice, and vanilla notes of our Tis the Season Blend of Coffee. Our annual holiday blend is paired with a playful ornament that will delight for years to come.

$48.99 'Tis the Deluxe Travel Season
Coffee Mug Ornament, Plastic Teal Keep Cup, 'Tis the Season Chocolate Bar, and 12oz 'Tis the Season Coffee Bag
'Tis the Season 12oz bag, Ornament, 'Tis the Season Chocolate Bar, Keep Cup Plastic

Give the world traveler in your life a little extra piece of home to remember you by. 

$59.99 'Tis the Season to Go All Out Bundles
Option 1: 'Tis the Season 12oz, Klean Kanteen, Ornament, 'Tis the Season Chocolate Bar
Savor every moment of the holidays with your nearest and dearest with this gift bundle, which combines our flavors of the season with the enduring quality of our holiday ornament and the always reliable Klean Kanteen.

Option 2: 'Tis the Season 12oz, DeMun Camper Mug, Ornament, 'Tis the Season Chocolate Bar Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, you’ll arrive ready to give a little piece of Saint Louis. The iconic storefront of our DeMun cafe features on this year’s camper mug, complementing our mini camper mug ornament that will brighten the holidays for years to come. Together with this year’s Tis the Season Mocha Java blend and Honeymoon Bar, there won’t be anything left to wish for when you give this gift bundle! 


Virtual Gift Card
Virtual Gift Card

Stumped? Unsure of what your favorite coffee lover already owns in their (let’s face it) massive collection of coffee gear? Sometimes it’s okay to take the easy way out! More reliable than bitcoin, more stable than a siphon brewer, our virtual gift cards can be redeemed at any time, for anything on our website.


Happy Holidays from Kaldi's Coffee

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