Holidays Are Here: Drinks and Bakery at Kaldi's Coffee Cafes

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Holidays Are Here: Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte, Holiday Mint Mocha, and More

‘Tis the Season to Embrace Comfort 

When a biting wind whips down the street and you reach to button your collar, tug your hat lower, and search for respite against the elements, just step inside one of our cafes and find instant comfort.  

Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte
Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte next to scone

If you crave savory to keep the winter blues at bay, our Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte will evoke the warm hum of a kitchen filled with friends and families preparing for the holidays. Our rich, rosemary brown sugar simple syrup creates an intoxicating odor each day when we prepare it. As it wafts across our cafes, a full and sweet bouquet of aromas, just remember that it tastes even better.

Want to make one at home? See our Brown Sugar Rosemary Simple Syrup Recipe

Holiday Mint Mocha
Holiday Mint Mocha next to a teal ornament

Nothing can warm you like wrapping your fingers around a hot Holiday Mint Mocha or Cocoa. After spending years formulating our own white chocolate sauce, it’s finally here, providing the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the fresh nip of peppermint from our house-made peppermint simple syrup. You’ll be smiling again as you sip the comforting blanket of whip cream laid down on top of these delightful confections, spiked with crushed peppermint candy to top it all off.

Giant Ginger Cookie
Ginger cookie

Whether you want sweet and spicy, hearty, tangy bursting cranberries, or a nuanced  holiday pastry experience, our bakery specials will make your every wish come true. 

Santa would be lucky to find our Giant Ginger Cookies above a fireplace this year, but we doubt they’ll last that long once you taste them. Sweeter than a snap, but still filled with ginger goodness, these cookies are a must for anyone on your nice list.

Sweet Potato Walnut Muffin
Sweet Potato Muffin

You can still beat the hustle and bustle while enjoying a robust breakfast as you go, with our Sweet Potato Walnut Muffins. We saw how much you loved them last year, so they’re back this year, gluten-friendly and vegan. Escape into a hearty blend of cinnamon and nutmeg, balanced by bright banana, sweet potato, and walnut chunks.

Rosemary Citrus Scone
Rosemary Citrus Scone

Our most nuanced bakery offering of the season is the delectable Rosemary Citrus Scone. Infused with zesty, fresh-squeezed orange juice, each batch of scones is baked fresh daily, filling our bakeries with the mouth watering aroma of citrus and hearty herbs. Savor these scones with a double dose of rosemary via our Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte and let the comfort wash over you.

Cranberry Orange Bread
Cranberry Orange Bread

Cranberry Orange Bread is our show stopper. Popping with citrus flavors, the tart zing of cranberries erupts throughout each slice of this holiday loaf.  Excellent with the counterpoint of a dark roasted coffee like our French Roast, the balance of a medium blend like ‘Tis the Season, or the all out candy sweetness of a light roast like our Kenya Gatina, you can’t go wrong with this bread.

Available as a slice or by the loaf.

Apple Cinnamon Bread

Settle in to watch the snow fall with this sweet retreat from the everyday. Cinnamon notes nestle below crisp baked apple confectionary flavors which will soothe and delight as you enjoy this seasonal indulgence.


There's nothing quite like mixing your holiday traditions with the warmth of great coffee and baked goods. Whether it's the return of an old favorite like the Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte or something new like the Mint Mocha, we hope our holiday offerings help get you into the spirit of the season. 

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