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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Coffee is a delicious, energizing gift all year-round, but there’s no better time for it than the winter. After all, what’s better on a frosty morning than a hot cup of delicious, fresh coffee? And what better gift to share with family and friends than some of that tasty coffee for them?

Whether you’re one room, a few blocks, or hundreds of miles apart, sharing the same coffee can lift us up and bring us together, now more than ever.


Kaldi’s Coffee has done holiday coffee gift boxes for years, and this year is no different. We all know someone who could use a tasty holiday treat of specialty coffee, especially at a time when holidays may be celebrated at distance. Our coffee gift boxes can help you bridge the distance to a loved one, and show that you’re thinking of them. 

All of this year’s coffee gift boxes feature some amount of ‘Tis the Season, a fan favorite and annual Kaldi’s Coffee tradition. Combining fruit-forward Ethiopian beans with earthy, rich Sumatran coffee, this seasonal specialty coffee blend is a must-drink this winter. It’s also the perfect gift to spread warmth and cheer this holiday season.

After tasting our annual homage to the historical Mocha Java blend of yore, you won’t be able to resist singing its praises. What better way to convert friends and family to the joy and quality of specialty coffee than with a gift box that invites them to partake and experience the warmth.

Finally, with a built-in discount, these coffee gift boxes are a great way to show your appreciation and love to somebody special without breaking the bank.

All gift boxes ship free with standard US shipping, and ship on Thursdays! 


Nobody likes a mug thief! So give your cousin, best friend, pen pal, or sister a gift box with not one, but two mugs! Gift Box #1 features a 12oz bag of tasty ‘Tis the Season, and 2 of our sturdy, classic Diner Mugs. Our diner mugs have been a fan-favorite for several years running, and there’s just something about their heat retention and thickness that makes them perfect for the warming nature of ‘Tis the Season (and any other coffee really). 

Retail price: $32.99 

Tis the Season and 2 Coffee Diner Mugs | Holiday Gift Box, $32.99



Gift Box #2 is geared for those whose loved ones are eager to try something new, and always on the move. This gift box offers a Klean Kanteen travel tumbler which keeps your coffee piping hot for hours and is nearly impossible to spill when closed. To fill your loved one’s shiny new tumbler, this gift box also has not one, but three coffees to try, in adorable 4 oz bags: a sampler trio of holiday favorite ‘Tis the Season; our perennial and popular house blend Cafe Kaldi; and finally, a returning Single Origin favorite, Mexico Sicobi. 

Retail price: $41.99 

12oz Klean Kanteen and 3 4oz Coffee Gift Pack | Holiday Gift Box, $41.99


Coffee’s definitely great and all, but have you tried coffee and sweatshirts? Gift Box #3 not only has a 12oz bag of ‘Tis the Season and a Diner Mug, but is optimized for maximum winter coziness with a limited-run camo sweatshirt that is only available here in this gift box! We’re not kidding about how limited this sweatshirt’s availability is-- only 15 of each size are available each week -- and we’re also deadly serious about how cozy it is! Send the gift of coffee and comfort to someone you’re missing, and let them know you’re thinking of them. They’ll probably thank you, if they’re not too busy getting real cozy in their spiffy new sweatshirt with their hot mug of coffee!

Retail price: $59.99 

Coffee Sweatshirt, Tis the Season Holiday Coffee Blend, and 2 Diner Mugs | Holiday Coffee Gift Box, $59.99 


We have some extras not listed here! Mulling spices, chocolate bars made with traceable chocolate and raw honey, and more! See our Holiday Collection or head on over to our main merchandise page. 

Logo wares and merchandise
Holiday Gift Collection 2020

Holiday Coffee Merchandise Winter 2020 


These gift boxes will only be available to order for a few weeks, so if you want to make a loved one’s coffee game a little brighter this holiday season, choose from one of these 3 awesome bundles! 

But perhaps your loved one really just wants coffee, coffee, coffee, and won’t be interested in a sweater, mugs, or a spill-proof tumbler. In that case, consider signing them up for a coffee subscription! A subscription can keep the gift of coffee going for more than just the holidays--the perfect gift for that voracious coffee lover in your life. We offer coffee gift subscriptions in 3, 6, and 12 month increments with select blends and our rotating single origin coffee program. It’s a gift that literally keeps on giving, and if you don’t want it to send out until after Christmas just hit us up at

Happy Holidays from Kaldi's Coffee



Much More than a Holiday Coffee Blend: 'Tis the Season
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