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Specialty Coffee Cake Recipe | A Coffee Cake With Coffee In It

Ever love coffee so much you just wanted to eat it as well as drink it? Yeah, us too.

Specialty coffee, meet Coffee Cake.

 For the recipe - go to our Specialty Coffee Cake Recipe Page

Top down view of Specialty Coffee Cake, a cake with coffee in it


Our coffee shops have always offered a variety of specialty bites and brews: a variety of single origin and blended coffees, expertly sourced and steeped teas from Firepot Nomadic Teas, and a fresh food menu crafted to appeal to every taste. 

But it wouldn’t really be a coffee shop without delicious baked goods. Our house made bakery program brings the same quality that you’ll find in all of our other offerings, and we are ecstatic to offer the recipe to you. 

Coffee cakes aren’t always made with coffee. But for us, this was the only way it could have been. We invest a huge amount of time and effort into sourcing and roasting, and we needed a coffee cake recipe that perfectly marries those 26 years of specialty coffee experience together with our cafes’ renowned bakery program. This quest led to the creation of our Specialty Coffee Cake — a cake made with our delicious coffee, specifically our fan-favorite 700 blend.

Finished slice of Specialty Coffee Cake on a white plate

Long time customers to our coffee shops will already know our 700 blend that we use for all of our espresso based drinks. For our Specialty Coffee Cake recipe, we build on 700’s balance of sweetness, light acidity, and chocolatey finish to really put the “coffee” in “coffee cake”. 

Of course, you don’t have to use 700 - you can use your other favorite coffee blend (check out our Blend Buying Guide), a current single origin coffee, or no coffee at all! - but we think you’ll find that the addition of 700 gives the coffee cake an added depth and richness that sets it apart from others.


We love seeing guests’ delighted faces in our coffee shops, but we also know it isn’t always easy to make it there, especially now. We knew it’d be a shame for folks to miss out on this tasty new treat, so via our still-growing At Home page on our website, we are excited to bring you a little bit of the Kaldi’s Coffee experience right in your own home

Baking this coffee cake is the perfect weekend activity for you and your loved ones. So, grab some 700, head over to our full At Home Specialty Coffee Cake recipe guide, see our how to’s below for brewing the coffee, and get to baking!

700 Espresso Blend 12oz bag

How to make the coffee concentrate
    • We enjoy the depth of flavor and the comforting ritual of a French Press: 
      • Use 10g of 700 blend coffee beans (ground for drip)
      • Add in 100ml of boiling water and stir, saturating all of the grounds evenly
      • Wait 4 minutes, strain, and refrigerate

  • AEROPRESS method (easiest method!):
    • The Aeropress allows for a fast, easy extraction with small amounts of coffee. We recommend the inverted method for added control, but be careful! 
      • Use 8g of ground 700 coffee (you can use ground for drip). 
      • Pour in 80ml of boiling-to-near-boiling water. Stir with a spoon  or swirl vigorously for up to 20 seconds. 
      • Place the plunger in and wait 1 minute
    • At 1 minute, press firmly

    • It’s okay to brew with what you’ve got! 
      • Just make your usual cup, but don’t use as much water (we recommend around half as much). 
      • When it’s done, pour out what you need, and then add water (dilute) to the remainder of your pot to taste. 
      • So, if you normally put 50g of coffee in and add in 900ml of water, use 450ml of water instead. Then, once you have the coffee you need for the cake, add in about ~300ml to the remaining coffee in the pot.
 Recipe - go to our Specialty Coffee Cake Recipe Page


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