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Holiday Coffee and Tea Recipe Guide

This season, we are spreading our love of sharing meals, coffee, and tea in a new way.

Our free recipe guide, Our Favorite Recipes for the Holidays, is a work of love from our family to yours, and offers a spread of memorable food and drink recipes to brighten your holidays. Whether you’re trading dishes with your neighbors for socially distanced cheer, or boxing up some treats to ship to your loved ones, or feeding your own hungry family, we have a creative and delicious recipe for you! 

Here, we'll talk in a little more detail about what you'll find inside. Download the guide by visiting the page below! 

Holiday Recipe Guide from Kaldi's Coffee

Download the guide here! 


These delicious and simple beverage recipes, made with our sister company Firepot Nomadic Teas’ very own mulling spices, are the perfect holiday drinks. Featuring coriander, cinnamon, and cloves among other savory spices, this tingly blend will jazz up any apple cider or old wine, creating a deeply warming beverage to ward off winter’s chill. 

Whether you’re on the side of wine or cider, these mulled beverage recipes will ensure you are warmed up and refreshed for your holiday celebrations. Make sure to take care of yourself and get the festive cheer going before tackling the food recipes below!


This Chai Cranberry Sauce takes an iconic but oft overshadowed holiday dish to a whole new level, with real cranberries, orange zest, a hearty splash of Firepot Chai, and more. This recipe adds a kick of warmth from Firepot’s Masala Chai concentrate, which you can make yourself with their Chai Spice Blend!

This sauce pairs best with roasted poultry or pork loin, but can also be spread on a fresh dinner roll for some light snacking. Sweet and tangy, this sauce is the ideal complement to a hearty entree, and its deep red colors brighten up any holiday spread.

Chai Cranberry Sauce - Cranberry Sauce with Award Winning Firepot Masala Chai


No matter the pie, a good crust is an essential component. Our recipe for Coffee and Bourbon Pie Crust is particularly great for fruit pies like cherry and apple. Hints of chocolate and oaky smoke complement the sweetness of a fruit pie, and help make your dessert really stand out from the rest of the pack.

This recipe also leaves the exact choice of alcohol and coffee up to you, though our 700 blend and bourbon are our preferences. Shake things up with a funky, fruity Natural coffee like our El Salvador La Esperanza, or really embrace the sweet, darker roast with our perennial Cafe Malta blend. And if you’re not a bourbonite, try experimenting with other liquors, perhaps a dark rum or a classic brandy. 

Coffee Pie Crust 


We wouldn’t be doing you any favors by not talking about one of the best recipes to join the Kaldi’s Coffee family this year: the perfect pairing for your coffee break no matter the time, Specialty Coffee Cake made with real coffee. While we sing the praises of our 700 blend in this coffee cake recipe, we urge you to find your own spin on it with a coffee of your preference. 

Specialty Coffee Cake - A Coffee Cake Recipe With Coffee In It


We could go on forever about how delicious and fun these recipes are, but we know you want to get to actually cooking them. So download your Recipe Guide for free and bring the taste of Kaldi's Coffee home to you and your loved ones with this creative selection of recipes. 

Impress the coffee and tea lovers in your life, please your palate, and get some quality fun and learning in the kitchen with your loved ones. From our kitchens to yours, Happy Holidays!

Holiday Recipe Guide from Kaldi's Coffee
Download the guide here! 


Happy Holidays from Kaldi's Coffee
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