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Hario Filter-In Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

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Cold brew coffee is a convenient, refreshing way to enjoy your specialty coffee. This cold brew maker from Hario makes it even easier (and looks classy too). 

With an attached mesh filter, the clean up process for the Wine Bottle is a breeze. Just take it out, rinse it off, and you're good to go. The filter also helps to keep fines (little bits of fine coffee dust and particles) out of your final brew, resulting in a cleaner cup. 

Another thing we like: the Filter-in bottle provides a really useful amount of cold brew. Things like the Toddy make absolutely divine cold brew, but it makes A LOT of it. This "wine bottle" is a happy medium - you can still get a few days worth of easy, on-the-go, refreshing cold brew without worrying about it going stale. 

We recommend brewing with 80g of coffee and 700ml of water and then diluting to taste. We think it especially shines with darker roasts. 

See our Head to Head Cold Brew Maker blog: "Cold Brew-Off: Hario vs. Kinto vs. Toddy"

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