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Haya Cold Brew Blend

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What we taste: caramel, chocolate, citrus, and floral.

A blend of Ethiopian and Latin American coffees. We formulated Haya to be perfect as cold brew because its components yield the deep chocolatey notes you’re used to while having a delicate, floral overtone from the Ethiopian component. We believe this sets it apart from other cold brew offerings and yields an extra layer of refreshment to your cold beverage. But it works just as wonderfully as drip coffee, and chances are you’ll find a new favorite whatever way you make it.

Haya is the Amharic word for twenty. As our roots are firmly planted in Ethiopia, we thought the best way to celebrate our heritage and process was to name our cold brew Haya. The history of coffee and the history of Kaldi’s are forever entwined.

Here are some tips to brew it.

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