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Dark Roast Coffee Pods, 10/pack

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DESCRIPTION: Dark chocolate, caramel


Compatible with all *Keurig® style *K-Cup® brewers

A crowd-favorite, we carefully develop this coffee until almost all essential oils rise to the surface. The result is a darker roast that features a warm and inviting sweetness.


ABOUT OUR COFFEE PODS: Pods have been a top request from our customers for many years. Our first step in their production was thorough testing and tweaking to arrive at a cup that meets our high standards. We are thrilled to present these K-Cups now while we actively work to maintain their quality and further improve their sustainability.

For best results with these coffee pods, we recommend using 8oz of water for each brew. This results in a brew with great flavor and a pleasing strength. 

Contains 10 .41oz (11g) cups

Other Pods Available: House BlendHighlander Grogg



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