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Partner Barista

We believe the quality of our products, the interactions that go with them, and the environment in which they’re exchanged are central pillars of our business. We’ve also had over 25 years to refine what we believe to be the best iterations of each of these and we’re happy to share what we’ve learned with our wholesale partners. To that end, we have designed an entire curriculum of classes based off the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) standards, latest industry research, and what we’ve picked up along the way.

Similar programs can cost almost $1,000, but we offer ours free of charge. We even offer discounts on coffee orders once the training has been completed.

Automatic Espresso Machines

Businesses with automatic espresso machines must complete a total of 12 or 24 hours of classes to qualify for a discount. These can be broken down in, but is not limited to, any of the following ways.

  • 1 employee completes the entire curriculum for a total of 12 hours, or 2 employees or a total of 24
  • 4 employees attend the Barista 101 class, for a total of 12 hours
  • 3 employees attend Barista 101, In Depth Brewing, Milking Chemistry & Steaming, Coffee Origins, and Train the Trainer for a total of 27 hours

12 hours = 5% off coffee orders
24 hours = 10% off coffee orders

Hours of training must be renewed 1 year after the last qualifying class to continue the discount.

Manual Espresso Machines

Businesses with traditional espresso machines and grinders must have employees complete the entire curriculum and pass both a Written and Skills test. Once completed the employee(s) will be a Certified Kaldi’s Partner Barista (KPB).

1 Certified KPB = 5% off coffee orders
2 Certified KPB’s = 10% off coffee orders

Certified KPB’s will receive discounts at our cafes and a gift box that includes their very own cupping spoon.

The discounts will be good for as long as the Certified baristas are employed at the business.

Special Notes

  • The Barista 101 class is a prerequisite for all the other classes
  • Only owners, GMs, and staff members who are present at the business for at least 30 hours a week are eligible to become Certified KPB's.
  • If the Certified KPB owns/operates multiple locations they must choose 1 location to receive the discount on the coffee orders



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