Partner Barista

Thank you for investing in your coffee education! Our goal is to provide you and your team with the most up to date industry standards, tools, and training. These classes are exclusive to our cafes and selected partners. We look forward to working closely with you and your staff to create an amazing experience for your guests.

Please refer to our Pathways Graphic to learn which set of classes make the most sense for your business so you can get the most out of the training.

Barista 101: Manual and Automatic

These are basic level classes and are intended for all your employees who touch the coffee while on the job. The classes are separated based on if you have a manual espresso machine and grinders, or an automatic espresso machine at your establishment. Be sure to sign up for the appropriate class. 

This class is required before signing up for any KPB classes.

Kaldi's Partner Barista Training and Pathways

This more specialized training is aimed at creating your very own coffee specialist in your establishment. These people will be available to train your staff exactly when you want them to since they will already be part of your team! We will help them develop the skills necessary to monitor and maintain the coffee standards we believe best represent our products. We will also continue to communicate with them on a regular basis to offer support and guidance. We recommend selecting only one or two people to go through this rigorous coffee curriculum. 

In order to complete the Kaldi's Partner Barista (KPB) training the employee(s) must attend the appropriate Barista 101 class and all of the KPB classes. Once all of the classes are completed a Written Test and Skills Test will be given at our roaster. You can schedule these tests with your trainer at any time.

KPB Certification Benefits

For the Barista

- A unique ID to get half off food and beverages at our cafes (good for 1 year or as long as they stay employed where they were certified). Can re-certify each year.
- An exclusive Kaldi's Partner Barista pin 
- Kaldi's cupping spoon

For the Business

1 KPB = 5% off coffee orders
2 KPBs = 10% coffee orders
*this discount only applies to the coffee in each order. Other items such as cups and syrups will not be discounted

Special Instructions

  • A Barista 101 class is required before signing up for any Kaldi's Wholesale Barista (KPB) classes
  • Limit 2 employees per business for each class
  • Only owners, GMs, and staff members who are present at the cafe for at least 32 hours a week are eligable to become certified KPBs.
  • Once certified the KPB will be required to communicate with us by the 1st of every month and update us on how training is going at their establishment, if they need any assistance with the training, the status of their equipment, and any events they have coming up
  • A re-calibration Skills Test is required once a year
  • Benefits of the program only apply for as long as the certified KPB remains certified and employed at the establishment where they received their certificaiton
  • If the KPB owns/operates multiple locations they must choose 1 location to receive the discount on the coffee orders

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