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Home Brewing

Brewing a Kalita Wave


It’s no secret that good coffee fails without great brewing methods. There are a few basics that all good brewing methods must possess:

  1. Brewing Water Temperature: 195-205 F
  2. Clean, filtered Water
  3. Proper steep time for the grind setting: Coarse Grind = long brew time, Fine Grind = short brew time
  4. Proper Coffee to Water Ratio: 1 gram of coffee for every 16 ml (or g) of water
  5. A consistent grind particle size: Use a burr grinder if possible
  6. Coffee that is not too far off-roast


Having trouble with your brew? Here are some Extraction Symptoms and Solutions:

Coffee Extraction Symptoms Chart

Coffee Extraction Solutions Chart

Download a copy of the full .pdf here!  


Tutorials, videos, and brew guides

Check out our more extensive article about brewing at home here. It lists out some of the basics of brewing in more detail, and also gives you some newer theories and gear to try for maximizing your home brew. 

The beauty of coffee is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. So, whether you’re looking for simplicity to ease your mind, or looking for something complex to really dive into a new world and hobby, coffee can be that thing for you. 

Brew Guides



Bee House

French Press
(and check out our blog here)





How to Videos

Making a French Press with any gear

Making a French Press with Any Gear | Kaldi's IGTV

Brewing with a Kalita 185

Brewing with a Kalita 185 | Kaldi's UGTV

Brewing with a V60 (advanced)

Brewing Coffee with the V60 | Kaldis' IGTV

Cupping Coffee at home

Cupping Coffee at Home | Kaldi's IGTV


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