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About Us

Chasing Quality and Serving People
Chasing quality and serving people. These two passions have fueled us since we opened our first café in the Demun neighborhood of St. Louis in 1994. The longer we’ve pursued great coffee, the more eager we’ve been to share it with our guests far and near. The wider our circle of customers and partnerships has grown, the harder we’ve chased after great coffee to strengthen those relationships.
These pursuits also connect us back in time. From the moment that the goat herder Kaldi saw his flock eating mysterious seeds in the hills of 6th century Ethiopia, coffee has been stimulating excitement and connecting people all over the world. Today, centuries later, we take part in the same story. Wherever our coffee is served, we feel the same excitement when a coffee from our global producer partners comes to life in your cup. 
These are the things that have kept us going and growing all these years.


At Kaldi’s, we are a family – one company, united through shared values; passion, respect, fun, continual improvement, openness, ownership, and humility.


We bought our first roaster in 1995, set it up in the front window of our DeMun Coffeehouse in St. Louis, MO, and started roasting the best coffees we'd ever tasted. Over the years, we've learned quite a bit more about this delicate process and we're happy to say we're still roasting the best coffees we've ever tasted. All roasting is down in our midtown St. Louis Roastery


Since we first opened our DeMun location in 1994, our cafes have been a hub of community connection and a representation of the company we strive to be.  From our house made bakery to the ingredients we put in our original food menu, we focus as much on the fine details of our coffee, food, and drinks as we do on the customers that are supporting us. We welcome you in, and we are dedicated to serving you. See more about our locations and menus here.  


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