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Limited Release: 'Tis the Sneezin'

In the spirit of our past seasonal releases – the timeless “A New Take on an Old Blend” 'Tis the Season and our popular fall 2020 release of 'Tis the Spooky Season – we are very excited to launch our limited edition spring variant: ‘Tis the Sneezin’, an ode to seasonal allergies.

‘Tis the Sneezin’ is a delicate floral blend of the finest shade-grown coffees and the best of locally-grown and St. Louis-sourced botanicals. This coffee blend was lovingly sourced and roasted to perfection to bring a little bit of the iconic St. Louis flora and allergensia to you, wherever you go.

Tis the Sneezin

The experience starts at origin. Following a natural process fermentation, the coffee is pulped and sun dried. While it dries, it is hand-raked and turned every 4 hours in the hot sub-tropical sun. Once dried, the green coffee is milled of its husk and bagged tightly to protect it from an outside contaminants, ensuring our final blend is as pristine as fresh spring blossoms. Then it is shipped across the ocean to our Roastery!

Once at our St. Louis roasting facility, our team takes 'Tis the Sneezin' to its final form. After roasting carefully, each caramel-colored bean is lovingly hand-dusted with a golden tuft of fine-grained pollen gathered from trees and shrubs in the surrounding St. Louis neighborhoods: lovely, white-blossomed dogwoods, flowering honeysuckle, golden-tufted ragweed, and so much more of St. Louis’ beautiful native flora. 

The result? Layered notes of milk chocolate, blackberry, ragweed, dandelion, and delicate overtures of fresh-mown grass. This post-roast blended coffee will bring you and your loved ones a full-face allergen blast of St. Louis, no matter where. Opening the bag unleashes the natural, thick waft of coffee aroma and pollen. We encourage you to breathe in the deeply sweet and scratchy natural haze, then complete the experience by blasting out a powerful sneeze from our all-natural, locally harvested allergens. 

We like to think of ‘Tis the Sneezin’ as another perfectly balanced blend. Inhale deeply, exhale briskly; appreciate the clarity while grabbing a bottle of Claritin. To put a spin on an old phrase, this limited edition blend is something to sneeze at. 

‘Tis the Sneezin’: A-choo take on an old blend. On sale this April - for only online, legitimate sales. Gesundheit!


Tis the Sneezin


Before we go, we’d like to let you know that we couldn't do this without you, and will always have Gratitude for those who support us and all of the new ways to roast coffee. 



Using a Goat to Grind Coffee Beans

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