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Gratitude Blend: New Year, New Mission

This year, we’re showing Gratitude in a new way: 

$5 from every bag sold will be used to purchase gift cards from a selection of St. Louis businesses and restaurants, which will then be handed out to St. Louis-area frontline workers.

Two groups brought together through Gratitude, with gratitude.



We were so happy to deliver the gift cards to the frontline workers in the St. Louis area! Thank you to everyone who supported the blend and these two very deserving groups:

Frontline workers receiving gift cards from Gratitude Blend sales


Gratitude Blend 2021


We have always believed in giving back: to our coffee producer partners, our communities, and our wholesale partners. Last year, we sold over 2,000 bags of our Gratitude Blend, helping to raise money for the Gateway Resilience Fund. At the time, most of our cafes were closed or severely limited in hours and capabilities, but so many in the St. Louis community had it even harder. We wanted to help, and we were humbled by the public response to our Gratitude Blend.

Once again, we seek to celebrate just how connected we all are, and how thankful we can be for the good that exists and for the people that have helped us through this past year. From tremendous deeds of kindness, strength, and compassion, to all the many little things we often overlook, we want to be grateful for everything that has gone right, and all the people who have been the cause of that good.

Gratitude Blend in Downtown St. Louis under the St. Louis flag

The Mission

2021 Gratitude Blend will help us once again support St. Louis businesses by purchasing gift cards from them. Those gift cards will then go to St. Louis-area frontline workers to thank them for all of their dedication and service. We believe this is a way to support and show gratitude to both groups, and to also bring them together after a long year of being apart. We are forever grateful to each group's efforts, courage, and service during the last year.  

$5 from every bag sold will go toward purchasing gift cards from places like:

∙ Pint Size Bakery ∙ Turn Restaurant STL  ∙ Local Harvest Grocery  ∙ Gioia’s Deli
  ∙ Nudo House STL ∙ Russell’s Cafe 

    Partner Logos: Local Harvest Grocery, Pint Size Bakery, Gioia's Deli, Turn Restaurant, Nudo House, Russell's Cafe

    We are so excited to support these local businesses, and to then give their gift cards out to such a deserving group. 

    The Blend

    Our second iteration of Gratitude Blend will be on sale on our website through the end of April 2021. This year, we upgraded the bag design, and present Gratitude Blend in a new, convenient 2 lb form. The 2 lb bag found its moment in 2020 as people consumed a lot more coffee at home, and we thought it would be the perfect complement to this year’s blend (the increased bag size also helps ensure you hit our free shipping minimum).

     Three Bags of Gratitude BlendThis year's blend comes in three different styles of labels

    This year’s Gratitude Blend is composed of equal parts Tanzania and Peru. Together, these exciting coffees present notes of milk chocolate, cranberry, roasted almond, and black tea.

    At a very-St. Louis price of $31.40, we can’t wait to use Gratitude Blend to spread the love to these local businesses and to the frontline workers who have worked so hard and persevered through so much. 

    With Gratitude

    Suffice to say, 2020 required a lot of adaptation and resilience. But we firmly believe that there is still so much hope for the future, and so much potential being cultivated. For that, we are grateful, and we hope you are, too. 

    We hope you enjoy Gratitude Blend with us again this year. The blend, and its mission, exist as one small way for us to appreciate much bigger things: our community, our care for each other, and the bonds we share.  


    Gratitude Blend 2lb Bag
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