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A New Look for Our Coffee Packaging

The last time we updated our 12oz bags, we completely changed our logo and the way we presented our coffee. Now, five years later, we’re thrilled to release a fresh new look and feel. We treated this redesign as is an opportunity to highlight our focus on the future while still honoring our past.

Let’s take a moment to cover what’s changed and what’s the same with the new Kaldi’s Coffee retail bags. 

Compostable bags

Perhaps the biggest big leap forward with our new bags is in our commitment to sustainability. If you buy our coffee online or in one of our cafes, it will come in a compostable Biotrē™ bag developed by our friends at Pacific Bag. Each bag comes with instructions on how to compost it, and is compostable in any backyard or commercial setting. This was a huge decision for us, and it’s one that we hope will have a positive impact as we, and the industry at large, look for more sustainable ways to package coffee. We consider it an investment in the future for many reasons. 

Grocery customers will also find a new design — black for blends and cream for single origins — on foil bags. To be open, while our goal is to eventually see all our coffee in compostable packaging, we chose to stick with foil in grocery stores to meet some legitimate needs of our partners and customers. However, rather than waiting for more durable, earth-friendly bags to develop, we made this important first step now for our retail and online customers.

New Coffee Packaging

A fresh design that blends new with old

The first thing you’ll notice about our new bags are the colors. Rather than our orange, blue, and chartreuse, you’ll now find sleek black or cream options. We revamped our labels, as well, to add a splash of color while also being more descriptive of the coffee inside. We used the extra space to re-think how we communicate taste and roast profiles and help with the buying and brewing process. Everyone experiences coffee differently, so we carefully chose our wording to give you the most accurate description possible for every coffee.

Not everything has changed, however. Our new bags are still the same shape and size because we love their familiar look and feel. We’ve also kept the circle goats along the sides and top of our new design because, really, who can have enough goats?! 

New copy that combines our mission and story

On the back of our new bags, we’ve updated our story to better share our two passions -- Chasing Quality & Serving People. We know that our growth is only possible through our customers and producer partners, so we spend most of our time at our roastery and cafes fostering those relationships. Our new packaging honors the relationships we’ve built since opening our first cafe in Demun in 1994. Now, instead of telling the full story of our 6th century goat-herding namesake, Kaldi, we share how his discovery inspires us to share coffee from our producer partners around the world with you. 

Back of new coffee bag

Brewing Our Coffee Your Way

We added some things, and took some things away. You’ll no longer find brewing instructions on the side of our bags. Over the last few years, coffee lovers around the world have developed new tools and resources for brewing coffee at home. There are now several ways to brew a delicious cup of coffee, so we encourage you to explore and experiment with our coffee until you find the perfect way to brew for you. If you need some inspiration, you can read our home brewing guides to learn how to use many of the most popular pour over brewers.

Pricing Changes

Along with the bag change, you may notice a change in the prices for our coffees. Most coffees have gone up by 50 cents per bag, a result of changing costs in and around the industry for things like labor, transportation, and packaging. We hope you find this to be a nominal change, but please know that it will go a long way to ensuring continued quality in our sourcing, staffing, and producer relationships. 

Chasing Quality and Serving People

Our new bag design is our latest step in these two passions that have kept us going and growing all these years. It’s been a labor of love to design and launch these, and our biggest excitement is sharing them now with our customers and guests, the people that have gotten us here in the first place. 

Click here to see for yourself!

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