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Exclusive Grocery Coffees

Looking for a specific Kaldi's blend but can't find it? Some of our blends are exclusives for our grocery partners and aren't available elsewhere. However, some of our web offerings are very similar in roast and taste profile. 


Looking for:  Fleur de Lis

Might we suggest: FTO Birds and Bees

Fair Trade Organic Birds & Bees

Fleur de Lis is our homage to the people of St. Louis, where its sweetness is as rich as the city's history and its acidity is approachable as its people. FTO Birds and Bees strikes very similar notes, and is Fair Trade Organic!  

Looking for:  Parkside Blend

Might we suggest: 700


Parkside was designed to have sweet citrus notes while carrying with it some pleasant notes of hazelnut. 700 is every bit as balanced and retains many of its fruity characteristics while having a backdrop of smooth chocolate. Both are medium roast. 

Might we also suggest: Colombia Monserrate Single Origin


Read more about our other blend offerings in our Blend Buying Guide.


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