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Irish Coffee Recipe (With a Tropical Twist) | Irish-ish Coffee

Watch Jalen make the recipe on Youtube!

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Watch the Irish-ish coffee recipe on Youtube

Saint Patrick’s Day in Dogtown is an annual celebration of Irish culture that brings people together from across Saint Louis. The Irish coffee embodies this spirit, and we're combing that spirit with our passion for displaying the talents of our team members in this fresh Irish coffee recipe. 

Jalen Kelly's Irish Coffee

A Brief History of Irish Coffee

The 20th century origins of Irish coffee trace to an airport bar in Limerick County, Ireland in the 1950’s, when a bartender, Joe Sheridan, was asked to create a drink for international travelers. As they passed through this Atlantic travel hub, Joe’s drink was meant to leave an indelible mark of Irish culture, as well as sell some whiskey.

You can hear more about how the airport created a classic cocktail as well as how it invented the duty free store in this great episode of 99% Invisible, "Call of Duty Free".

Irish Coffee, with a Specialty Coffee Twist

To give our guests a unique St Patty’s Day drink to make at home, lead barista Jalen Kelly examined this internationally known Irish creation and imagined himself in the departures lounge of Shannon airport, headed to a sunnier, tropical destination.


His recipe utilizes our early 2022 release of Ethiopian Tigist Waqo Natural for its sweet and citrusy chocolates notes, a tropical palm sugar syrup, and is topped with a mouth-watering layer of coconut cream. If Tigist’s delicious coffee is out of season when you’re reading this, try any natural African coffee or any fruit forward medium roast.

While this recipe can seem intimidating at first glance, the tropical ingredients are actually used very simply, and the recipe can be further simplified to use items on hand, if the proportions of coffee, syrup, whiskey, and cream are maintained.

Let Jalen be your guide through the recreation of an all time classic favorite.

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