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A Brand New Bag: New Look, New Color, New Details


Our bags began with a dream: find a new color to represent Kaldi's Coffee. It can be difficult to describe yourself in a few words, but we have always identified our values and mission to align with words like timeless and classic with a modern bent. We sought a color that reflected those ideals. 

Kaldi's Navy, as we now refer to it, is that color. Polished, distinguished, and all the while accessible, our new brand color welcomes you into our coffee, cafes, and vision with renewed energy. But it's not all seriousness — fun is one of our core values too! Kaldi's Navy serves as the foundation for a new slate of bright labels with big color pops. You'll see these new colors on our bags and other branding over the next few years.

12oz bag of Cafe Kaldi coffee blend


A new bag meant new opportunities to describe our coffee. We are proud to introduce completely rethought and redesigned coffee labels on our new bags.

A coffee label should help you find a coffee you love quickly. Or, if you’re interested in something new, the labels should instill you with the confidence that you’re buying something you’ll enjoy. These ideals were paired with a desire to tell a story through design.

Here are a couple examples of how we did that:

FTO coffees

We have always prioritized direct relationships with our coffees, but we know many of our guests prefer to buy products that have been certified as Fair Trade and organic. Our core products – FTO Birds & Bees and FTO Natural High – have been updated with green, leafy tones, serving as an easy visual indicator for these certifications.

12oz bag of Fair Trade Organic Birds & Bees coffee blend

Single Origin Coffees

By and large, we offer single origin coffees from four distinct growing regions: Africa, South America, Central America, and Asia-Pacific. Each of these regions has been given its own design. We hope this helps you pick out coffees faster while giving our offerings a unique identity on our webstore and shelves.

3 12oz Single Origin Coffee Bags

Highlander Grogg

Over the years, Highlander Grogg has won devoted fans far and wide. We've always viewed Grogg as a gateway to specialty coffee, and know it offers a fun, little-bit-decadent beginning to a great day. With fun as our guide, we gave Grogg a whimsical and punchy update. We think it will stand out on your coffee counter as you smile and sip your syrupy start to the day.

Highlander Grogg 12oz bag of coffee next to classic Kaldi's Coffee Diner Mug


You'll notice that the patterns on our new labels are big and bright. Some may even call them "loud", but we hope classically so. If you're a frequent guest in our cafes, you may have noticed our decorative wallpaper, especially in Kirkwood, DeMun, and Ellisville. We love these ornate and welcoming designs, and we wanted to take that feeling and connect it to the bag that you purchase. So, whether you're frequenting our cafes or buying a bag online for home, you're getting the same Kaldi's Coffee vibes.

The wallpaper at the DeMun Kaldi's Coffee cafe in St. Louis, MOWallpaper, like that in our DeMun cafe, inspired our new bags


We're excited to reintroduce our core blends with brand new taste descriptions. For the first time, you'll see flavor notes for all of your favorite coffees. Our goal is to give you even more confidence in your selection while helping you develop your palate as you sip on the candy-bar-in-a-cup 700 (chocolate, caramel, red fruits, smooth) or our perfectly-balanced Cafe Kaldi (citrus, vanilla, subtle roast).

12oz bag of Cafe Kaldi coffee blend with a focus on the taste profile


Along with new taste descriptions, all of our standard blends now showcase a roast level. Roast levels are the topic of much debate in coffee — for example, our "medium" roast may be someone else's light — but they can still be very useful when selecting from one roaster's offerings. 

Our single origin coffees are usually our lightest roasts. With these as a foundational "1" on our scale of 7, we assigned roast levels to all of our other core coffees. Most fall between a "3" and a "5", with our darkest roast, Cafe Malta, getting full roast marks. 

We love the educational aspect of this change, and we hope you feel inspired to try something new as you explore the vast and varied world of specialty coffee.

3 Kaldi's Coffee blends in navy bags with varying roast levels

See our Blend Buying Guide for even more information.


Kaldi's Coffee has seen a lot of change since 1994, perhaps none bigger than our growing presence in Atlanta, Georgia. We've been on the campus of Emory University since 2016, and in the summer of 2023, we were proud to announce our merger with another storied coffee brand, Dancing Goats® Coffee. 

This connection allowed us to begin roasting coffee in two locations for the first time. Guests that come into Kaldi's Coffee and Dancing Goats® Coffee locations in the southwest experience coffee roasted in our Atlanta, GA roastery, while all St. Louis, MO and kaldiscoffee.com web customers will continue to enjoy coffee roasted out of our St. Louis headquarters. 

This ATL-STL connection has been an exciting change for us as we welcome new passionate team members and roasters, and offer more relationship-driven coffees to guests across the country.

Roasted in STL and ATL portion of the new Kaldi's Coffee 12oz bag


Back of bag copy for the new 12oz Kaldi's Coffee bags

The story of Kaldi, the legendary goatherder credited with finding the mystical properties of coffee, is one of discovery. As coffee has spread across the world in the intervening centuries, it has spurred on countless discoveries and connections. We connect to this history by making it our mission to help you open your day to new possibilities, whether it's through a warm welcome from a barista that changes the course of your day, or an unexpected flavor from an exceptional coffee from one of our producing partners. 

The story of coffee goes back centuries, and each coffee's journey ends in your cup. It is our defining mission to make these final points of that journey exceptional for you, so you can carry on the legacy of discovery that coffee began all those years ago.



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