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Celebrating National Coffee Day 2020 with Gold Mountain


Join us this coming Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at our DeMun coffeehouse for National Coffee Day, and head home with a beautiful keepsake! This year, Kaldi’s has something very special for all you St. Louis coffee lovers, a way to experience a stronger connection to some of our favorite producer partners, the farmers of Gold Mountain in Nicaragua:

Painted Burlap Coffee Bags from Gold Mountain FarmsA peek at the beautiful selection!

From 7:30AM to 1:30PM on National Coffee Day, 9/29/2020, exclusively at our DeMun coffee shop, we will have a staggered release of a limited supply of hand-painted burlap coffee bags from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua!

Every purchase of a painted burlap bag on National Coffee Day will get you a free 8oz drip coffee of Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural, and more importantly, every single dollar from those burlap bags will go back to the farmers and processors of Gold Mountain. This money will go towards improving the shared processing areas for their coffee farming group: raised drying beds, greenhouses, and other necessary infrastructure. 

Bags Being Painted At Gold Mountain Farm
Coffee bags being painted at origin

  • Show up to our DeMun cafe at one of three release times:
    • 7:30am
    • 10:30am
    • 1:30pm
  • A table will be set up with the painted bags available for purchase at $10 each. During each release, we will have roughly 20 bags available for sale. 
  • As you can see in the pictures, there are multiple unique designs. These bags are first come, first serve! 
  • When you purchase the painted burlap bag, you will be given an 8oz brew of Nicaragua Roger & Isabel free of charge! Retail 12oz bags will also be available for sale. 


More about Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain has supplied us with Nicaraguan coffees since 2012, and every year, they get better and better. What’s more, Gold Mountain’s mission to improve the lives of Nicaraguan coffee farmers and their communities has borne additional fruit in the unique hand-painted bags all of their coffee is now shipped in. This artwork is not only beautiful and one-of-a-kind, but provides year-round work for Nicaraguan artists! 

Each bag beautifully symbolizes our farm to cup relationships, and is unique to the delicious coffees we source from Gold Mountain. Last year, for the first time, some of our team unloaded an entire container of these bags by hand at our St. Louis roastery, the culmination of a long process that not only brought excellent coffees to your doorstep, but also enabled us to pay top dollar to these Nicaraguan farmers. Hard work but well worth it--and this year, we did it again

We’re delighted to share this beautiful artwork for you to keep, and to help you experience a stronger connection with our Nicaraguan growers as well. We believe National Coffee Day is the perfect opportunity to think about our place in the evolving world of coffee, to reflect on the challenges ahead, and be thankful for the international connections and opportunities that coffee has given us. And for your sipping pleasure, each bag comes with a complimentary 8oz cup of Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural, a natural-processed single origin from one of Gold Mountain’s most celebrated coffee growing couples. We taste papaya, plum juice, dried fig, and tiramisu.

So come on in and join us in celebrating our connection to the hard-working growers and processors of Nicaragua. Head on into our St. Louis DeMun cafe and get a unique, hand-painted bag and a delicious cup of coffee, and help us maintain our farm to cup relationship with our friends at Gold Mountain in Nicaragua!

Painted Bags at Origin | Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Meirana


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