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5 Easy Mods to Keep Your Favorite Meals Fresh

Vegetarians and meat eaters alike love our breakfast and lunch menus, but there’s no reason to feel limited to one category when browsing for a snack, or feel like you have to put your favorite meal on repeat every visit.

We put the same love and energy into our food program as we do into our coffee roasting and sourcing, and just like a new single origin release, we want to help keep things fresh and new for you. 


Here, we're giving you 5 easy modifications to some of our most popular meals. We've got ideas for:

  • Remixing old favorites
  • Trying something new
  • Packing more protein into your meal

Is your favorite on the list? Do you have your own mod that you love? Read on to find out, and email us to let us know your favorite modification! 

#1 |  Avocado Toast: Add bacon and a side of hot sauce vinaigrette
Avocado Toast with Bacon and Vinaigrette

When a food trend blows up as wildly as avocado toast did, it will always attract haters, but when a dish remains a top seller for years, it’s safe to say the hype was justified.

Half a decade after its introduction, our version of avocado toast still gets rave reviews. We start with a thick-cut multigrain toast, then spread a layer of our avocado mash across it, add a bed of greens and sprinkle feta crumbles. Finally, we top it with a drizzle of hot sauce vinaigrette and a pinch of black sesame seeds. 

We recommend adding a side of our candied bacon and a side of hot sauce vinaigrette to the toast to let the acidity of the vinaigrette cut against the creamy avocado and savory bacon fats. The combination results in an intense experience, as the contrast seems to multiply the already amazing flavors found on the avocado toast.

#2 | Black Bean Burrito = Boosted
Black Bean Burrito with Impossible Sausage

When we added Impossible Sausage to our vegetarian options, we opened up a world of possibility for our vegetarian guests. For an extra protein pop, on top of the already healthy helping of black beans, you can add an Impossible Sausage to your black bean burrito. The well-seasoned “meat” brings an added layer of savory to an already scrumptious lunch favorite.

#3 | Superfood Bowl: Subtract chicken to make it a vegetarian dream
Superfood Bowl

Some things are complicated. Some things are simple. This simple trick takes a complicated dish, preserves the best of the superfoods in the bowl, and instantly provides a first-class option for vegetarians and flexitarians. While traditionally a lunch bowl, when you subtract the chicken, it’s a great breakfast option too, packed with cranberries, walnuts, kale, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, for a healthy start to any day.

#4 | Oatmeal dressed up 6 ways to Sunday
Bowl of oatmeal with fruits and nuts

Oatmeal alone doesn’t turn many heads, but as a healthy, hearty start to a day, it’s tough to beat.

We recommend turning the flavor and nutrition up to ten by adding a combination of superfood options to it. We pair walnuts or almonds with either blueberries or dried cranberries to create a filling, power packed start to the day.

If you’re more focused on flavor, keep it simple with bananas, strawberries, apple, or the most traditional choice, raisins.

#5 | Biscuits and Breakfast Sandwiches: Bring on breakfast nostalgia by adding Impossible sausage or real sausage
Biscuit with sausage

Our Cheddar and Egg Biscuit is exactly what it sounds like: cheddar melted over a freshly fried egg, nestled between a buttermilk biscuit. It’s so close to your childhood memory of an indulgent breakfast that it doesn’t take much to induce a full-fledged wave of nostalgia. Add a sausage patty to your breakfast sandwich for an instant hit of a timeless treat.


We hope this has inspired some new ideas for you (and maybe made you a little hungry). No matter how you like your food or coffee, we're happy to have you as a guest and to make your cafe experience a memorable one.

And we hope that’s an experience that never gets old.


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