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12 Days of Giving 2020

Winter is here and we're in the mood to celebrate the best of what we all can offer one another. This time, it’s more than just coffee: it’s generosity, cooperation, sympathy, and love. Join us in supporting two very special groups in St. Louis this holiday season, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, and Brace for IMPACT 46.  

12 Days of Giving - Bag of Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis and Brace for Impact Brew For Impact Blend


Most years around the winter holidays, Kaldi’s Coffee would celebrate through 12 Days of Giveaways, a social media contest with amazing prizes. While we’re still happy to give away some cool stuff from time to time, we really wanted to do something special and impactful for our communities this year.

Enter the 12 Days of Giving! The spirit of community and togetherness is at the core of our philosophy. To that end, we’ve teamed up with two fantastic organizations: the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, and Brace for IMPACT 46

These two organizations do so much good in our city and this year's “12 Days” celebrates their contributions. From December 12th through the 18th, a blend from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis was available in our cafes.⁠ Then, from December 19th through the 24th, Brew for IMPACT was available for sale.⁠ The proceeds from each of these coffees went back directly to the organizations they represent. We're so grateful for all of the work they do in our community, and hope you were able to join us in supporting them this season.


Two children from the Boys and Girls Club program standing in front of the building

Part of the national Boys & Girls Clubs, the St. Louis chapter has an enormous positive impact on the lives of thousands of kids throughout the St. Louis area. After-school programs and targeted in-school partnerships have for years offered the children and teens of our metropolis a much-needed lifeline. Whether it’s homework help, counseling, sports, or technology access, the Boys & Girls Club has been a source of stability and possibility for many.

Kaldi’s Coffee partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs in the autumn of 2020. To aid in their mission of providing necessary services to so many, we created a coffee blend for them, which you can buy for a limited time on their website. We are excited to continue to grow and develop our relationship with this awesome organization, and help them help our city’s kids for many years.


From helping to expand a children’s home and supporting a school in Haiti, to renovating homes in North St. Louis, Brace for IMPACT 46 aims to make a positive impact wherever it’s most needed. Their passion and commitment to empowering the least fortunate has directly saved and enriched lives, and inspired us at Kaldi’s Coffee and beyond. 

Sitting on the steps with boys and girls from Haiti

Brace for IMPACT 46’s hard work in underserved communities is exactly what led us to partner with them last year, and we’ve been overjoyed to support them. Every home renovation Brace for Impact 46 supports in North St. Louis not only enables a family to live safely, but it also boosts the children’s school attendance, and provides jobs and on-the-job training for neighborhood contractors. This same sort of wider vision guides Brace for IMPACT’s mission in Haiti, where a children’s home with school facilities, a medical clinic, and a partnership with local coffee growers has had a lasting positive effect on hundreds.

A Rehabilitated Home in North St. Louis through the work of Brace for Impact

We’ve been partnering with Brace for IMPACT 46 for nearly two years to roast and package Brew for IMPACT coffee sourced from growers in Haiti, which helps support those farmers and their communities while also raising money and awareness for Brace for IMPACT’s mission of helping Haiti’s children.


This year, especially, we find that helping others brings us closer together, no matter the distance. We’re excited to bring these collaborations into our cafes for a limited time to support these two wonderful organizations, and enjoy some delicious coffee in the process.


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