Kaldi's Coffee on Feast TV

Posted on August 07, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

If you haven't seen it yet, Kaldi's Coffee is on this month's episode of Feast TV!

Watch it below or on their website.

Fresh Crop Arrivals

Posted on July 16, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

This is one of our favorite times of the year. It seems like we get a new coffee every week. This week is even more special. We’ve got two new ones we’re happy to share. One is an old favorite, and one is something new.

The Ethiopia Guji Sidamo is a little bit of a different lot for us here at Kaldi’s. Ethiopia instituted a commodity exchange system about 5 years ago as a way to introduce a price structure for producers for stability and better prices. One thing that was lost in this system is traceability. The coffees are graded and sorted, but usually we don’t know exactly where the coffee was produced. We do know that this coffee comes from the famed Sidamo region in southern Ethiopia. The region is famous for producing wonderfully complex and aromatic coffees, with lots of floral and citrus notes.

While we don’t have a great story to share about the hardworking producers of this coffee, we felt the excellent cup quality was more than enough reason to want share this great coffee with you.

Our second featured coffee is Guatemala Santiago de Atitlan. For the past five years, we have been working with a mill in the Atitlan region and the quality has been top notch. Guatemala has 8 distinct coffee growing regions, and we really like the profile we get from Atitlan. Every year, we’re amazed at the consistency of the coffee. The coffee is grown around the beautiful Lake Atitlan near the city of Santiago. Small growers pick ripe cherries and deliver the cherry to the mill everyday. The coffee is then sundried on tarps and stored in parchment until the coffee is ready for export.

We’ll have a number of new coffees to share in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy these while you can.


Kaldi's Coffee Dinner - June 14, 2015

Posted on July 09, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

Recap of our first coffee dinner at our new roastery by Frank McGinty.
All photos by Alex Isbell.

As we settle in to our new Roastery, we thought it’d best to properly break it in by doing something we all thoroughly enjoy… serving some of our favorite people delicious coffee & food. Recently we hosted another installment of our Kaldi’s Coffee Dinners. This was by no means our first one, but the first of many in our new space at 3983 Gratiot. The evening was filled with sights, sounds, smells, and numerous smiles, with an incredible list of guests that all have their unique place in the hearts of our family here at Kaldi’s Coffee.

As with dinners past, the menu consisted of food and beverages that incorporated some of our most seasonal coffees and collaborations with our fondest local vendor partners. Courses such as a condensed version of a “cupping” experience pairing each of the three stages with a different bite or scent to enhance the evaluation; along with food ranging from shrimp poached in black tea to pork cheeks braised in our Coffee Cola collaboration with Fitz’s, and everyone’s new favorite beverage, the “Boliviardier” a riff on the Boulevardier using Bolivian cold brew, 2 different Amaros and St. Louis’s own Still 630 Rye (recipe for the Boliviardier is below).

We feel that we have set our own expectations for these dinners very high with this one, but now with the grand event behind us, we look forward to more dinners, events and guests to come at our new Roastery.


30ml Still 630 Rye Whiskey
30ml Bolivia toddy concentrate
15ml Amaro Meletti
7ml Fernet Branca 


Colombia Carlos Imbachi

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

We're excited to share our latest offering: Colombia Carlos Imbachi. A chance encounter in Colombia years ago has led to our newest favorite coffee.

Green coffee buyer Tyler Zimmer writes:

The quality of coffee that comes out of Colombia never ceases to amaze me. Seems like every year I taste better and better coffee. Our next single origin release, Colombia Carlos Imbachi, is a reminder of how small of a world that we live in. During my first trip to Colombia in 2009, I was traveling around Huila with a group of Colombians doing work with small cooperatives in Colombia to help improve quality. They wanted Kaldi’s to check out the quality of small producers in the area. As we were walking farm to farm, meeting producers and seeing their farms, we came to the end of a dirt road to another producer by the name of Carlos Imbachi. I immediately recognized his name and then saw his plaque for 2009 SCAA coffee of the year. That year, his coffee placed first place for best coffee at the annual SCAA exposition. An incredible accomplishment and a random happenstance that we were able to meet him and visit his farm that day.

Fast forward to 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to share Carlos’s coffee. Near San Agustin, Colombia, Carlos farms 8 hectares of coffee, mainly Caturra and Yellow Bourbon. He lives there with his wife Yolanda and son Didier Alberto.


Carlos Imbachi with one of his trees.

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A Film About Coffee

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

From A Film About Coffee's website:

"A Film About Coffee follows the production of coffee from farms in Honduras and harvests in Rwanda to its global consumption. Listening to farmers, buyers, roasters and baristas about the crop’s economic and environmental implications both locally and abroad, the narrative travels to coffee shops in Tokyo, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and New York, with stops in between. Dropping in on artisanal cafes to investigate how each prepares its own unique cup, the film opens a window into the little-understood world of specialty coffee."


We are so excited to help host the film's St. Louis premiere on June 18, 2015 at the Tivoli Theatre in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis. 

All of the sponsors (list below) will be serving coffee in the lobby starting at 6:30pm and the film will start at 7:00pm.

Tickets are available here and include coffee tasting, film screening, and entrance to the afterparty.

The afterparty will be at Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co. featuring Strange Donuts, Pi Pizza, 4 Hands Brewery, and Companion Bakery.


Sponsors for the film are:

Arthouse Coffee
Blueprint Coffee
Chauvin Coffee
Comet Coffee
Goshen Coffee Company
Kuva Coffee Roasters
Northwest Coffee
Park Avenue Coffee
Stringbean Coffee Co.


Two New Coffees

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

We're excited to start summer off with two new coffees, one from Africa and one from South America.

Bolivia Francisco Hilari is an organic coffee from a small village called Siete Estrellas, located in the Carnavi region. Francisco and his wife, Maria, have been growing coffee on this small farm for 25 years. They process their coffee with a small wet mill on site, ferment, and sun-dry it on raised beds. This is the first Bolivian coffee we've bought in a few years and couldn't be more pleased to be working directly with dedicated small producers like Francisco and Maria.

The coffee from Africa, Rwanda Karenge, is from a private washing station in the subdistrict of Karenge, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. The mill where this coffee is processed is owned by Tom Bagaza, who saw the potential for quality coffee in the region, and bought the coffee cherries directly from small farmers in this zone. The Karenge station is traditional: a small 1-disc pulper (as they use in Kenya), traditional fermentation, a long concrete washing channel to clean the coffee, and raised bed drying.

We hope you enjoy these coffee as much as we do. Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Coffee Sleeve Recall (Sleeves Used Before April 2015)

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Louis Nahlik

In late March we were notified of a possible fire hazard with our black flood-coated coffee sleeves. We made the decision to remove all of the potentially affected sleeves immediately. All the sleeves were removed within 24hrs of notice. For several weeks we had blank craft color sleeves in the cafes until we were able to determine a solution with the coffee sleeve manufacture. Since early April, we have been using the new black flood-coated sleeves. For the past 2 months, all of the sleeves distributed are new and unaffected. The sleeves that were affected by this recall should have been removed from circulation several months ago, but if you have an old sleeve in your possession and aren’t sure when you received it, please dispose of it. To be clear: the affected sleeves were only sold in Kaldi’s company-owned cafes (please see the attached picture) and were removed from the stores back in April.

If you have any further question please contact the Roastery at 314-727-9991 or e-mail us at

The CPSC recall report can be found at:



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