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Peru Doris Villalobos Ignacio

Product image 1Peru Doris Villalobos Ignacio
Product image 2DESCRIPTION: Green Pear, Orange Zest, Almond Toffee. Process: Washed
Product image 3Our Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity - 3, Floral - 2, Sweet - 4, Nutty - 2, Cocoa - 2, Spices - 1
Product image 4Peru Doris Villalobos Ignacio
Product image 5Peru Doris Villalobos Ignacio

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Snappy acidity and delicious sweetness combine in this single producer lot that displays the excellence of Peruvian coffee. 

REGION: Cajamarca

ALTITUDE:  1,850 - 1,900 m


VARIETY: 100% Bourbon

The coffee coming from Peru continues to impress. As a region, Peru has been historically overshadowed by its powerhouse neighbors, Colombia and Brazil. But, with its temperate microclimate and high altitudes, it has all the makings to produce excellent specialty coffee. In the past, we have routinely bought community lots to include in our blends and sometimes release as single origins, but this year we have been fortunate enough to find some dazzling single producer coffees. 

This coffee from producer Doris Villalobos Ignacio is wonderfully complex and crisp, a testament to its high altitude and the producer's focus on quality. In the cup, we taste a subtle orange acidity that mixes well with the snappy juiciness of a green pear. It also has a really nice, almost creamy nutty texture that reminds us of almond toffee. This is a washed coffee, and we love it just as much for its clarity as its sweetness, and we encourage you to brew in multiple ways to explore the depth that it has to offer. We only purchased a few bags of this delicious coffee, so be sure to grab it while it lasts!

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