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Papua New Guinea Ulya

Product image 1Papua New Guinea Ulya
Product image 2Papua New Guinea Ulya
Product image 3Papua New Guinea Ulya
Product image 4Papua New Guinea Ulya
Product image 5Papua New Guinea Ulya
Product image 6Papua New Guinea Ulya

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DESCRIPTION: melon, papaya, toffee, citrus, and black tea

REGION: Ulya, Waghi Valley, Western Highlands


ALTITUDE: 1400 - 1800 meters

VARIETY: Arusha, Typica

Papua New Guinea has historically been a difficult origin for sourcing specialty coffee. In a country comprising so many different small tribes with differing cultures and customs, it can be a challenge to do business effectively and with the right cultural sensitivity. Yet, in the world of specialty coffee, these represent exciting barriers to overcome in the hopes of forging better connections and discovering the great coffee that the people of Papua New Guinea are producing.

This coffee comes from small holders at one of PNG’s larger estates, the Ulya plantation. Located in the Western Highlands, these producers benefit from high altitude and cool temperatures — ideal growing conditions for specialty coffee. The Ulya mill purchases freshly picked cherries from the farmers and then carefully de-pulps, washes, dries and sorts coffee by cup quality before sending it off for dry milling. The result is a cup that bears distinct marks of its Southeast Asian origin alongside a sweet, tangy acidity and a remarkably clean cup. We’re excited to bring PNG coffee back into our lineup!

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