Organic Ethiopia Shimekt Daba Natural

Organic Ethiopia Shimekt Daba Natural

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DESCRIPTION: raspberry, oolong tea, rose, and lime zest

ZONE: Limu, Oromia


ALTITUDE: 1900 - 2000 meters

VARIETALS: Heirloom Ethiopian

Our latest Ethiopian offering represents an exciting step forward toward transparency: a single-producer lot. Until recently, strict government regulations made it incredibly difficult to highlight farm-specific coffees and reward those producers directly. Ethiopia is already known for its outstanding diversity in coffee flavor profiles, so this step allows us to showcase that diversity even more. This natural-processed lot from producer Shimekt Daba was grown in rich soil on Mr. Daba’s rainforest plantation, under the shade of indigenous trees and with great attention to long-term sustainability and conservation within the farm’s ecosystem. Their dedication to quality is built into a robust operating structure on the farm, and it shines in the cup. Get it before all of the Kaldi’s employees drink it!

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