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Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural

Product image 1Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural
Product image 2Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural
Product image 3Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural
Product image 4Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural
Product image 5Nicaragua Roger and Isabel Mairena Natural

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Referred to as a "Tropical Fruit Symphony" by our importing partner, this coffee is fruity, sweet, and well-rounded.  

DESCRIPTION: papaya, plum juice, dried fig, tiramisu

REGION: Matagalpa

ALTITUDE: 1330 m

VARIETIESCaturra, Bourbon, Pache, Javanica, Geisha


Watch our IGTV chat with Gold Mountain's Ben Weiner here 

Roger and his wife Isabel could talk with you about coffee for days. Their farm is located near the Arenal Nature Reserve in central Nicaragua. Don Roger has a degree in agronomy, and he loves sharing technical knowledge and tips with visiting roasters. Several years ago, Don Roger planted a grove of Pache seeds from Guatemala, which he thinks are a cross between Caturra and another Pache variety. This coffee won awards based on cup quality and sustainability practices. 

The farm has access to fresh water with a stream that begins on the family's property, allowing clean spring water for washing coffee and for sharing with the community. They also have a special system of PVC tubing with tiny perforations underneath the groves of trees that prevents runoff from washing coffee from polluting streams. They ensure the best for the processing of their crops, and these are the types of producers that we love working with. 

This naturally processed lot is fresh off harvest from Gold Mountain importers, a long time (and still growing) relationship of ours. Predominantly fruity and bursting with tropical notes, the producer and importer, Gold Mountain, refer to it as a "Tropical Fruit Symphony". In our own cupping, we found these notes along with a sweet, pastry-like tiramisu quality.

In August, we sent out samples of our first roast of this coffee to some of our customers to get their own take on the taste profile and flavor calls via a survey. It was immensely fun watching the feedback come in. Some calls included tangerine, raspberry, passion fruit, butterscotch, and vanilla, and the overall spider chart looked very similar to our own. All of the notes show how dynamic the coffee is, and just how much differences in tastes and experiences guides your perceived flavors. 

All that being said, this a delicious coffee, and we are very excited to present the work of Don Roger and Isabel Mairena!

Nicaragua Taste Profiles

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