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Nicaragua Jinotega Pacamara - Medium Roast

Product image 112oz bag of Nicaragua Jinotega Pacamara - Medium Roast
Product image 2Description: Prune, Toffee, Apple Hard Candy, Vanilla Wafer. Process: Washed
Product image 3Our Roasters' Taste Profile: Fruity 4/5, Floral 2/5, Sweet 4/5, Nutty 2/5, Cocoa 2/5, Spices 2/5

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DESCRIPTION: Prune, Apple Hard Candy, Toffee, Vanilla Wafer

WHY WE LOVE IT: Sweet and smooth, this release from our long time partners makes a cup anyone can love (and also excellent cold brew). 

REGION: Matagalpa

ALTITUDE: 1330 m

VARIETY: Pacamara


This is a special selection from the Jinotega community, a partnership we have formed through Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. We have enjoyed watching the quality coming from Jinotega improve through the years, and believe it is a testament to what a strong relationship with producers can mean for long term sustainability. We are proud to buy multiple containers (250+ green coffee bags) a year from the community, and also offer one or more special selections from its growers.

Entirely comprised of the Pacamara variety, this coffee was given the moniker of "Apple Notes" by its growers due to its strong juicy and sugary fruitiness. Pacamara is well-known for its large bean size, which is among the biggest in the world of specialty coffee. It also traditionally carries with it very soft and creamy texture, resulting in a memorably smooth and satisfying cup.

This release is roasted closer to medium to accentuate the inherent sweetness while leaving its prominent apple acidity in tact. We think it's a coffee that you can have multiple cups of in one sitting, and it also makes for very delicious cold brew. 

This crop comes to us from our longtime friends at Gold Mountain Farms. You can read more about our relationship in our article from 2020, "Relationship Spotlight: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers". 

photo credit to @goldmtncoffee (InstagramFacebook)

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